Update of the Week

14 08 2005

Last Update: 09/18/2005

Air Gear ch 30 by Scum Scans

Bleach ch 189 HQ by #Manga-Rain

Trigger: /msg ishida xdcc send #1
/ctcp SylverWish3 Bleach 189

Bleach ch 195 by Manga 7 Torrent
Bleach ch 195 by Manga 7 *Slow Download

Death Note ch 79 by Ice-Master Scanlation
Death Note ch 79 RAW
Full Metal Alchemist ch 51 by MS Group

Hunter X Hunter ch 253 by NexGear
Hunter X Hunter ch 253 RAW

Naruto ch 276 by Ice-Master Scanlation
Naruto ch 276 RAW
Naruto ch 274 by Shannaro

One Piece ch 382 RAW
One Piece ch 379 by Null
IRC: #null@irc.irchighway.net
Trigger: /msg Null|Death xdcc send #14

Bleach 49 by Lunar
Bleach 49 RAW
Bleach 48 by Bakakozou

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children by H-S

Full Metal Panic TSR 8 by ASH
Full Metal Panic TSR 8 RAW

Karas 2 RAW

Monster 45 by Akeep
Monster 44 by Akeep

Naruto 151 by Dattebayo

Tsubasa Chronicle 22 by L-E-DB




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