Air Gear by Oh! Great

28 08 2005

AIR GEAR by Oh! Great

Genre: Sport
Status: Active
In this era of extreme games and sports, something unexpected
poped up, and that is the Air Treck. In this story about a boy named Ikki,
discovering Air Treck, opens up his world to a new level. Little
did he know that he is pulled into a world of dangerous
‘Wars’ and risky stunts only air treck can do. Ikki goes on forming a group,
and chasing his own ‘path’ to discover if he is worthy of the name. Read on,
as this world of unbeliveable jumps and spins unfolds in Air Gear.
What IS your ‘Path’?

Air Gear ch 1-28 on Souhaku Free
Air Gear ch 1-28 on Stop Tazmo





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