Update of the Week

30 09 2005


Air Gear ch 32
IRC: #scum-scans@irc.irchighway.net

Air Gear ch 107 RAW

Beck ch 68 by MangaOne

Bleach ch 197 by Manga7
Bleach ch 197 RAW

Death Note ch 81 by Ice-Master Scanlations
Death Note ch 81 RAW

Full Metal Alchemist ch 50 by Serpent’s Cross

GantZ ch 215 RAW

Mahou Sensei Negima ch109 by AquaStar Fansub

Naruto ch 278 by Ice-Master Scanlation
Naruto ch 278 RAW

One Piece ch 384 RAW

Samurai Champloo ch 1 by Scum-Scans
IRC: Scum-Scans@irc.irchighway.net

Samurai Deeper Kyo ch 281 RAW

Vagabond ch 39 RAW

Vinland Saga ch 1 by MangaScreener
Vinland Saga ch 15 RAW

Zetman ch 78 RAW

Bleach 51 by Bakakozou
Bleach 50 by Lunar

Chrono Crusade 01-24 DVD by KickAssAnime
Eureka Seven 23 RAW
Eureka Seven 1-13 by Nanashi

Full Metal Panic TSR 10 by ASH
Full Metal Panic TSR 9 by Bakakozou
Full Metal Panic TSR 10 RAW

Kamichu 12 END RAW
Kamichu 11 RAW
Kamichu 5 by Meyrin

Naruto 153 by Dattebayo

Now and Then Here and There 01-13 DVD by KickAssAnime

Trinity Blood 17 by Shinsen-Subs
Trinity Blood 16 by Shinsen-Subs





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