Update of the Week

10 10 2005


Air Gear ch 110 RAW
Basilisk 15 by Genesis
Bleach ch 200 RAW

D.Gray-Man ch 62-66 by Timcanpi

Death Note ch 83 by TOWNL
Death Note ch 83 RAW

Eureka Seven ch 5 by Nanashi & ATT
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
GantZ ch 217 by FF799
Naruto ch 281 by Nitrogyn
Naruto ch 281 RAW

One Piece ch 384 by Null
IRC: #null@irc.irchighway.net
One Piece ch 386 RAW

Rose Hip Zero 2nd ch 3

Basilisk 19 by No Name Winners

Bleach 54 by Dattebayo

Blood+ 2 by Live Evil

Full Metal Panic TSR 13v2 by ASH

Eureka Seven 26

Eureka Seven 25 RAW
Eureka Seven 15-24 RAW

Karas 3 RAW

Mai Otome 3 by Doremi-Otome
Mai Otome 2 by LIME

Trinity Blood 20 by Shinsen-Subs
Trinity Blood 23 RAW
Trinity Blood 22 RAW




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