Update of the week

12 10 2005


Air Gear ch 33 by Scum Scans
IRC: #scum-scans@irc.irchighway.net
Basilisk ch 14 by Genesis

Berserk ch 263 by Evil Genius
Berserk ch 263 RAW

Bleach ch 199 by Ice-Master Scanlations
Bleach ch 199 RAW

GantZ ch 217 RAW
GantZ ch 215-216 by Rockstar

Hunter X Hunter ch 255 by Nexgear
Hunter X Hunter ch 255 RAW

Naruto ch 280 by Nytrogyn
Naruto ch 280 RAW

Zetman ch 28 by Evil Genius

Hell Girl 1 by Ayu
Basilisk 18 by No Name Winners
Basilisk 17 by No Name Winners

Bleach 52-53 by Lunar

Blood+ 1 by Live Evil
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Final Fantasy VII Last Order by KAA
Full Metal Panic TSR 12 by ASH

Mai Otome 1v2 by Lime
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Monster 64 by Ani-Kraze

Naruto 155 by Dattebayo

Yakitate Japan 1-40 by Anime Empire

Trinity Blood 19 by Shinsen-Subs
Trinity Blood 18 by Shinsen-Subs





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