6 06 2006


Eureka Seven

Eureka SeveN is one of my personal favourite anime of 2005-2006. The animation is superb as well as its storyline and other characteristics. Each character is unique and well explained, or kept secretive, to make you watch more just to find out the little details. Even the background characters, or one of scene characters in Eureka 7 are well defined and drawn.

So moving on to the animation. I would say its extremly good and clean. Everything is detailed and it really brings this magnificient world to life compared to some animes which just care about the main character designs. It reminds me alot of Samurai Champloo and the first episode of Speed Grapher, where you can tell a lot of effort has been put in by the art department and they have done a very good job. Btw Eureka Seven is from the same studio that made Full Metal Alchemist.

The music is good that is used throught the episodes and the intro and outro, all though not great, suit the anime to get the nice ‘airy’ feeling.

I’m not a big mecha anime fan and never have been (or probably will be), as it reminds me too much of Transformers, but the wind surfing they do and the whole feel of a ‘beach boy’ really suits how theyve incorporated future technologies with something that’s so simple.

Subgroup: Nanashi


Length: 6 OVAs

Genre: Action – Henshin, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Karas ( Ravens ) are supposed to be guardians of a city, arbitrators between human- and spirit-kind. They are supposed to punish those who deserve it. However something has gone wrong, and a Karas, Ekou has turned his back on the world. He terrorises a city, taking under his wing, the Mikura – various evil spirits who underwent cybernisation. These cyborg spirits require feasting on blood of humans to live, regenerate, and activate their powers.

Other Karas have been sent by Yurine to fight against this rogue Karas. Transforming into planes flashing through the skies, and into cars ploughing through the streets, their sword fights dance amongst the city lights. However so far all have failed. Now a new Karas, Otoha has emerged. Will he succeed where his predecessors failed?

1st opinion:
Definitely worth your time!
If you don’t watch Karas, your missing out on some of the best anime action genres. I have only watched 1 eposide and I can tell you it’s the best 1st eposide so far I can remember. The animation was superb, the CG on it was beautiful and was really used to it’s true potential. The 1st minute I watched it, the 2nd minute I was hooked on it!

The OP was mind-blowing, I felt like I was in a movie theater watching a trademark movie. The fights were intense, explosions everywhere, limbs getting cut, swords clashing, planes dogfighting, and cool transformations which add to the dramatic fight scenes! The BGM also wasn’t off and fit perfectly, making it yet, even more dramatic!

The only small flaw I noticed was how watchers would scratch their heads trying to understand what was going on in the story. It’s quite frusturating but then again, it’s only the first eposide and you can’t progress that far into the story even if you wanted to. If you don’t watch it, you deserve to die (just kidding!)

2nd opion:
Truthfully you dont know whats going on in the first episode of Karas, but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing!

I watched this anime just a while ago and I was mind boggled with what I’m seeing. The opening battle scene is immense using CGI to its fullest potential without being shiney and unrealsitic compared to the background. The music is intense and the intro and outro themes are a well suited balance to see the brighter side of a dark world.

The first episode introduces us to this world and a man named Karas, or is Karas the circular clock/eye he holds within his hand? Anyway, he uses this to transform into some sort of fully armored fighting machine, but it’s not a mecha anime in the sense of Gundam etc, its actually believable in a ‘nowadays’ situation with some twists on reality.

Animation is very much based on the whole mechanics of The Matrix with slow downs in time and such but I believe that with progression of each episode we will understand why this happens.

Overall I would say YOU MUST watch this if you have 25 minutes of your life to spare!!!

Animation = great
Sounds = great
Character Design = great

– well there is nothing for me to add.

Subgroups: Ani Kraze & Nyanko


Existing beyond the sight and lore of normal humans, they are neither plants or animals. Those few that know of them call them ‘Mushi’ and while they manifest themselves in a variety of apparitions and shapes, their appearance is always surrounded by strange events. If described, they can only be a strange appearance of life force energy, but very little is really known about them. Ginko is a ‘Mushi-Shi’, a supernatural and spectral spirit hunter, who travels around investigating any strange rumors and local legends that might be associated with the ‘Mushi’, with the intent of setting things right to permit them to continue to exist, unobserved by those in the real world.

Mushishi has a deep characterdesign and wonderful artwork, which
calms your mind. That’s my current favourite anime!

Subgroups: Anime Forever & C1 Anime


Length: 24 Episodes
Genre: Action, Romance, Science Fiction

The world in 15 years, Lacrema Timespace, uses high technology to protect the world of humans against “Shang-ri La Timespace” that resides to destroy all timespace. The result is an ever-expanding war with “Shang-ri La Timespace”. However, Lacrema is slowly losing out due to the over-powering attacks of Shang-ri La. The key in stopping Shang-ri La’s attacks is “The Dragon Torque”. To find its whereabouts, the heads of the Dragon Kinghts sent their Dragon Knight troops, along with Karasu, to the world that was 15 years before.

I LOVE this series! It is a very unique anime. The main reason I started watching this series was because of Kazuki Akane. He is the director, it was his Original Concept, and he worked on the Series Composition. Kazuki Akane doesn’t have a lot of famous works under his belt, but I am a fan of Vision of Escaflowne and Samurai Champloo. While he only worked on the storyboard for Samurai Champloo, he directed Escaflowne.

The animation for this series is a bit bizarre. They employ 3D animation with 2D. The characters sometimes look cartoonish, but the world itself is wonderful. The animation of the action is great.

This series is also very original. Give it a try!

Subgroup: Shinsen Subs





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