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24 06 2006

20th Century Boy ch 249 FINAL RAW

Air Gear ch 126 RAW

Berserk ch 273 by Evil Genius
Berserk ch 273 RAW

Death Note ch 106 by gto0o
Death Note ch 107 RAW

GantZ ch 231 by Illuminati-TOWNL

Hajime no Ippo ch 729 RAW
Hajime no Ippo ch 679 by Ignition One
Hajime no Ippo ch 678 by Ignition One
Hajime no Ippo ch 671-677 by Ignition One
Hajime no Ippo ch 670 by Ignition One
Hajime no Ippo ch 669 by Ignition One
Hajime no Ippo ch 668 by Ignition One

Neon Genesis Evangelion ch 71 RAW

Vagabond Vol 1-20 by Manga Sketchbook (.cbr CDisplay needed)

Zetman ch 1-2 Pilot
Zetman ch 52 by Evil Genius
Zetman ch 83 RAW

Air Gear 4 by Kyuuketsuki
Air Gear 3 by Kyuuketsuki

Ergo Proxy 7 by Anime-Jiyuu
Ergo Proxy 6 by Yoroshiku

Eureka Seven 36 by Nanashi

Nana 4 by Live Evil
Nana 3 by Live Evil

Naruto 182 by Dattebayo

Yakitate Japan 59-60 by Anime Empire





4 responses

4 07 2006

Is there anyway I can get Eva Stage 71 it is no longer on the server

4 07 2006

You’re lucky! I’ve had this raw on my hd.

If you’re going to use this raw for scanlation use, I would appreciate it, if you could mention http://silverado.mindwerks.net in the credits 🙂
Thank you!

Here’s your raw



5 07 2006

thanks a lot

7 10 2009
Nana Belial

Dude, can u upload zetman artbook again, plz?

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