Update of the Week

24 06 2006

Air Gear ch 63 by Scum Scans

Bleach ch 229 by M7
Bleach ch 229 RAW

D. Gray-Man ch 69-76 by various
D. Gray-Man ch 76 RAW

GantZ ch 234 by Illuminati Manga
GantZ ch 234 RAW

Mr. Fullswing ch 21 by KO Scans

Naruto ch 309 by Okyatoks
Naruto ch 309 RAW
Naruto ch 308 HQ by Japflap

One Piece ch 413 RAW
One Piece ch 413 by Rush

Vagabond Vol 21-22 HQ RAW

Black Lagoon 8 by Shinsen Subs

Mushishi 21 by C1Anime

Peter Pan no Bouken 2 by C1 Anime




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