Update of the Week

24 06 2006

Air Gear ch 42 by Scum Scans

Basilisk ch 19 & 20 by Genesis
IRC: #genesis@irc.irchighway.net

Battle Royale Volume 15 RAW
Battle Royale Volume 14 by Manga Reactor
Battle Royale Volume 13 by Manga Reactor
Battle Royale Volume 12 by Manga Reactor
Battle Royale Volume 1-11 by Manga Reactor Torrent
Battle Royale Volume 1-11 by Manga Reactor Mirror (stoptazmo)
Battle Royale Vol 1-14 FTP
User: anonymous PW: email@email.com

Beck ch 72 LQ
Beck ch 71 LQ
Beck ch 70 LQ

Berserk ch 266 RAW
Berserk ch 266 by Evil Genius

Bleach ch 209 RAW
Bleach ch 209 by M7
Bleach ch 1-206 by Manga-Rain & M7 Batch Download

D. Grayman ch 70 RAW
D. Grayman ch 69 by Hisachan Scans

Death Note ch 91 RAW
Death Note ch 90v2 by TOWNL

Elfen Lied ch 30 by Oishii Manga
Elfen Lied ch 29 by Illuminati Manga

GantZ ch 222 RAW
GantZ ch 222 by Illuminati Manga

Hajime No Ippo Vol 54-65 by Snoopy Cool

Mr. Fullswing ch 1-17 by Ignition One

Naruto ch 289 RAW
Naruto ch 289 by Illuminati Manga
Naruto ch 288 HQ by Illuminati Manga

One Piece ch 394 RAW
One Piece ch 383 by Strawhat Scanlations
One Piece ch 392 HQ by Null
IRC: #null@irc.irchighway.net

Rose Hip Zero RAW Complete

Samurai Deeper Kyo ch 287 by windcross

Shaman King ch 159-161 by Manga-Rain

Tenjou Tenge ch 89 RAW

Vinland ch 17 RAW

Zetman ch 83 RAW

Bleach 62 RAW
Bleach 62 by Dattebayo

Blood+11 by Shinsen Subs

Eureka Seven 22 by Nanashi

Copy & Paste!
Full Metal Alchemist The Movie – Conqueror of Shambala by Indy
Sub language: english
Sub: .SRT-File – need Vobsub or Vsfilter
RAW: TV RAW (better then the cam version)

Naruto 165 by Dattebayo

Noein 9 by Shinsen Subs
Noein 8 by Shinsen Subs
Noein 7 by Shinsen Subs

Yakitate Japan 50 by Anime Empire
Yakitate Japan 1-49 by Anime Empire





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