Update of the Week

24 06 2006

Addicted to Curry ch 42 by Solaris-SVU & Yanime

Air Gear ch 24-52 by Scum Scans

Ares ch 52-65 by KMT
Ares ch 1-65 by KMT (Souhaku mirror)

Battle Angel Alita – Last Order Vol 7 by Crazyankan & Rippersanime

Beck ch 70 HQ by MCS

Berserk ch 269 by Evil Genius

Bleach ch 216 RAW
Bleach ch 216 by Manga 7

Change Guy ch 287 by KMT
IRC: #k-manga@irc.irchighway.net

D. Grayman ch 1-69 by Hisa & Timcanpi

Death Note ch 98 RAW
Death Note ch 96-97 by TOWNL
Death Note ch 95 by TOWNL

Dogs Bullets & Carnage ch 7 by Manga Translation

Elfen Lied ch 40-41 by Oishii-Manga Scanlations

Eyeshield ch 85 by Fucking Manga
IRC: #fucking-manga@irc.irchighway.net

Full Metal Alchemist ch 56 by ZOMGFTA

GantZ ch 226 RAW
GantZ ch 255 by Illuminati Manga & TOWNL

Hajime No Ippo ch 722 RAW
Hajime no Ippo ch 586by Ignition-One

Hunter X Hunter ch 260 by Nexgear

Mahou Sensei Negima ch 125 by AquaStar Fansub
Mahou Sensei Negima ch 124 by AquaStar Fansub

Naruto ch 296 RAW
Naruto ch 281-295 by Japflap

One Piece ch 397 by Null
IRC: #null@irc.irchighway.net

Pastel 59 by Oishii-Manga Scanlations & Dynasty Scans

Real ch 1-24 by Hawks & Omanga

Rose Hip Zero ch 1 by Animescans
IRC: #animescans@irc.rizon.net

Samurai Deeper Kyo ch 298 RAW

Shin Angyo Onshi ch ch 1-12 Part 1 by ETC

Tenjo Tenge ch 91 RAW

Yakitate!! Japan ch 1-148 by Snoopy Cool

Basilisk 24 by Kinoko Subs

Bleach ch 70 by Dattebayo
Bleach ch 69 by Dattebayo
Bleach ch 68 by Dattebayo
Bleach ch 67 by Dattebayo

Ergo Proxy 1 by Softsubs

Eureka Seven 30 by Nanashi
Eureka Seven 29

*Mushishi 12 by C1anime

Naruto 173 by Dattebayo
Naruto 172 by Dattebayo
Naruto 171 by Dattebayo

Noein 16 by Shinsen Subs
Noein 15 by Shinsen Subs

One Piece 256 by ADC-Elites Fansubs

Pale Cocoon by Doremi, HF & Shakugan

Yakitate!! Japan 54 by Anime Empire
Yakitate!! Japan 53 by Anime Empire
Yakitate!! Japan 54 by Anime Empire





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