Update of the Week

24 06 2006

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20th Century Boy Volume 21 RAW

Air Gear ch 123 RAW
Air Gear ch 51-57 by Scum Scans

Ares ch 66-68 by KMT

Berserk ch 271 by Evil Genius
Berserk ch 270 by Evil Genius

Bleach ch 222 RAW
Bleach ch 222 by Manga 7

Death Note ch 104 RAW
Death Note ch 96-100 by TOWNL

Eden ch 100 RAW

Eureka Seven Vol 2 by Nanashi

Full Metal Alchemist ch 57 by ZOMGFTA
Full Metal Alchemist ch 1-55 by MSN Group

Full Metal Panic Sigma ch 2 by Boku-Tachi

GantZ ch 229 RAW
GantZ ch 229 by Jinchuuriki
GantZ ch 224-228 by Illuminati Manga
IRC: #illuminati-manga@irc.irchighway.net

Hajime No Ippo ch 727 RAW
Hajime No Ippo Vol 66-69 by SnoopyCool

*Monster Vol 1-18 Complete by Mangascreener

Naruto ch 302 RAW
Naruto ch 302 by Chikusho
Naruto ch 296-301 by Japflap

One Piece ch 406 RAW
One Piece ch 405 by gto0o
One Piece ch 404 by Nytrogyn
One Piece ch 401-403 by Rampage
One Piece ch 1-400 HQ by Null
IRC: #null@irc.irchighway.net

Real ch 24-26 by Hawks & Omanga

Samurai Champloo Volume 2 by Manga Sketchbook
Samurai Champloo Volume 1 by Manga Sketchbook

Shounan Jun’ai Gumi ch 43 by Illuminati Manga
Shounan Jun’ai Gumi ch 40-42 by Illuminati Manga
Shounan Jun’ai Gumi ch 1-40 by Illuminati Manga

Tenjo Tenge ch 92 RAW
Tenjou Tenge ch 1-91 by Manga Translation
IRC: #manga-translation@irc.irchighway.net

Yakitate!! Japan ch 149-150 by Snoopy Cool

Bleach 77 by Dattebayo

Disgaea 1 by Anime U

Ergo Proxy 5 by Yoroshiku
Ergo Proxy 4 by Yoroshiku
Ergo Proxy 3 by Yoroshiku
Ergo Proxy 2 by Anime Kraze
Ergo Proxy 1 by Anime Kraze

Eureka Seven 34 by Nanashi
Eureka Seven 1-33

Kiba 2 by Kyuuketsuki
Kiba 1 by Kyuuketsuki

Monster 53-74 Final by Anime-Keep
Monster 27-52 by Anime-Keep
Monster 1-26 by Anime-Keep

*Mushishi 20 by C1 Anime
*Mushishi 1-20 by C1 Anime

Naruto 179 by Dattebayo

Noein 19 by Shinsen Subs
Noein 1-18 by Shinsen Subs

Ray The Animation 1 by Froth Bite

Yakitate Japan 57 by Anime Empire
Yakitate Japan 1-57 by Anime Empire





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