Wednesday Update / Re-Start

28 06 2006

Hi there!

As you can see, Manga Underground is back online and pleases you with a brand new design, an extended collection of links, which surely will grow over the next few weeks and – what’s much more important – new staff (me f.e.). And that means that you’ll get your Updates more reliable from now on. Look forward to our work!

Well now. That much of a preface. Lets see what we’ve got this week:

The forum is now back online!

Manga Updates:

20th Century Boy Vol 21 ch 8-9 by Manga Heaven

Bleach 232

Air Gear 65

Berserk 276

Biomega ch 12 by Evil Genius

Gantz 235

Girlfriend Vol 1-3 by Kotonoha (mirror)
Girlfriend Vol 1-3 by Kotonoha (torrent)

Mr. Fullswing 23: Sendspace Megaupload


Bleach ch 233 RAW is out!

Naruto 313 RAW

Neon Gensis Evangelion ch 72 RAW

tenten 95 raw

Tenjou Tenge 95 RAW

For further Mangas/Raws – just watch our Links section on the sidebar.

Anime Updates:

Bleach 86
btw: since there were some double episodes lately, there wont be a new bleach episode until next week.

Naruto 190 by Dattebayo

Dattebayo’s Tracker (Naruto/Bleach episodes)

Noein 23 by Shinsen Subs

Have a look at the sidebar as well, you’ll find a whole lot of complete and ongoing anime links there.

Thats it for today, look forward to our next post!




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29 06 2006

Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome! You keep up releasing the coolest mangas and even keep track of older series. I’m visiting Manga Underground everyday and came across to say thank you to! Hope to see more of your cool updates! Keep up the hard work!

29 06 2006

You guys are great!!
I realy like Manga Underground, and the new visual is realy good too!!
But, SIlverado, you used to post at digital panic…
And today i tryed to go there, and the board was offline, and seems that it was some hacker thing…

Do you know what happened? can you tell us about what is going on there, and if things are going to come back, in your blog?? Cuz i realy like manga underground, and i realy like DP, (it was there i saw the info bout your blog!!)

Thanks for the site and good luck there!!!!!

29 06 2006

Hi Reinaldo, the admins work on the problem.
But it will take a while, so I cannot say when they are going to be back online.
You can check the status in their IRC channel:


3 07 2006

THX for your the effort about bringing all these mangas!
Do you happen to know where I can find earlier RAWs (I was searching for Evangelion’s raws – found only the 72). If you know anywhere I can download from (direct download) I’d really appreciate!
Thanks again

3 07 2006

Hi Dhazard, well nge raws are rare but let’s look if I can find some more NGE raws.


4 07 2006

Thanks! Really appreciate your efforts ^^

31 07 2006

man this site rocks. i just found this site today and let me tell you guys rock. you guys , belive it or not help me find new manga to read

keep up the good work

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