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1 07 2006

New Guy
Hi, the new guy here. I’ll be adding links in the sidebar and keeping them up to date. I’ll do my best to fill any requests. Leave them in the comments, or send me an email.


Hey guys!
I dunno whether you have nice weather or not, but I want to be sure you appreciate moi sitting around in my house with 29° C inside (its about 32° outside…) and writing your updates!


B.Reaction ch 1-4 by Evil Genius

Blade of the Immortal Vol 15 by Manga Sketchbook

Bleach 233 by Maximum 7

Naruto 313

One Piece 417 by ilovespamsubi

Ergo Proxy 13 by Shinsen Subs
Ergo Proxy 14 by Shinsen Subs
ergo proxy 14

I know its kind of not much yet, but you shouldn’t have expected much, since we did a big update this Wednesday aaand we’ll be sure to update if anything if something interesting is released.
Since not much is released this weekend – why don’t you take your time to start some new mangas like Girlfriend (I know its kind of hentai… but I still love it 😀 ) or Blame (its kind of dark, but still interesting)?





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4 07 2006

You should use the Mindwerks for forums, after all it is on the same server as you. More importantly, EG is already there. 😛

4 07 2006

I’d love to, but digitalpanic is where I spend most of my time.


4 07 2006

And one other thing: we\’ve got to consider the bandwidth resulting from hosting a blog AND a forum. We really dont want to bother our hosts with that. Besides, its allways really hard to establish a new forum and we\’re busy men 😉


5 07 2006

@Saiko: The forum is already established @ forums.mindwerks.net and I am your host. *grin*

@Silverado: I understand as DP was once EG stomping ground. It is hard to pick up and go.

Lemme know what you gentlemen need and I’ll try to take care of things to the best of my ability. I enjoy the site!

10 07 2006

hey! this is cool!

B.Reaction make me laugh really good. 🙂 (and of course sexy girls!)


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