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5 07 2006


You check Baka Updates everyday?
Want to join our team? We need ppl who check BakaU for updates
and add them on MU. If you can spend at least 15 min a week for the link updates,
feel free to join our team!
Leave a comment with your ICQ# or contact us over email.

Thank you!

Also check the new screen caps!


Unbalanced X Unbalanced ch 1-9 by KMT Get this!

Eden ch 76 by Illuminati Manga

Full Metal Alchemist ch 60 by ZOMFGTA

Mr. Fullswing ch 24 by KO Scans

RAW (sidebar)
Bleach ch 234 RAW

GantZ ch 236 RAW

Naruto ch 314 RAW

One Piece ch 418 RAW

Vagabond ch 211 RAW

Zetman Vol 6 RAW



Episode 1-4 by KAA — Episode 5-8 by KAA
Episode 9-12 by KAA — Episode 13-16 by KAA

Bleach 87 by Dattebayo

Mushishi 22 by C1 Anime

Music Video
Click for action!
hehe I love this video! Write your comments here!




7 responses

6 07 2006

Yo Silverado,

Much praise for the new web layout. It’s getting slicker and better.
Regarding your question to post updates from Baka updates on this site.
Is it possible for you to incorparate the RSS reader of Baka updates into this site ? That way there would be no need for someone to check for updates.


6 07 2006

Hello Jonny!

The RSS feed of BU contains torrent links only, but our goal is to provide the reader with direct downloads. And more importantly, not all series can fully satisfy our expectations. Thanks for your comment!


6 07 2006

First of all, I dont really think it would make the BU-ppl. happy to have our site \”stealin\” their updates. Another thing is just as silverado already mentioned the fact, that only a few of the series posted on BU are worth taking a look at. And finally – you don\’t really think all we do is checking Baka-Updates, do you? Its only for updating the links in our sidebar once a while, which monstly don\’t even get posted on other blogs/update-sites/whatever.

15 07 2006

Very gooood project.

17 07 2006

ice Site. Could use more of these instead of the many trash blogs on the web.

9 08 2006

This video is pretty well made. It’s funny and the timing is good too. Nice site by the way. Everything is orderly and easy to navigate.

5 07 2007


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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