Weekend Update

8 07 2006

Hey guys!
It doesnt seem like weekend yet since its 0:15 a.m., but that wont stop me from writing your updates, will it?

UPDATE: Media Section added!


Mr Fullswing v3 ch 25 + Tough v3 ch 24-25 by KnockOut Scans

Bleach ch 234 by Binktopia

Gantz ch 236 by Illumanati & TOWNL

Naruto ch 314

Neon Genesis Evangelion ch 72 by Dhazard

Hellsing v09 ch07 by Maximum 7


Hajime no Ippo ch 738+ RAW


The Summer anime season is well underway. I’ll try to keep you posted on the new shows.

.hack//Roots 1-13 batch by ZaWarudo
.hack//Roots 14 by LuPerry.com
This is so much better than .hack//Dusk; sign lovers should download.

Coyote Ragtime Show 01 by GG
Worth watching simply for the fighting goth-loli squad. The show distinctly takes on a Cowboy Bebop-like tone and has excellent animation. I got carried away on the screens.

Gintama 1-4 by Bakaneko

Hime-sama Goyoujin 01 by M.3.3.W.
About all I have to say about this is that there is a naked man (censored with a rose) fighting with a monkey.

Honey and Clover II 01 by Solar
First episode is a recap, but worth watching in preparation for the sure to be awesome episode two.

Love Get Chu 01 by M.3.3.W. (mkv)
Should be called adventures of silly seiyuu (voice actresses), but in a show about voice actresses, engrish is to be expected.

*Mushishi 22 by C1 Anime

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 1-14 by A.F.K Complete
If you haven’t seen this yet, download it now, but don’t let the first episode put you off.

Muteki Kanban Musume 01 by Doremi
This one is about the battle of two violent poster girls in a small shotengai. Click here for screens.

Noein 24 by Babelfish Translation

Tsuyokiss 01 by AnimeU and Serin
I was cataloging the stereotypical happenings in this show as I watched. During the first five minutes I noted: loli, shower scene, major fanservice moment, sword girl, angry loli, stoic type, and a large breasted teacher. The novelty of the show is supposedly that all the characters are tsundere, but keep in mind it is based on a H-game.

Zero no Tsukaima 01 by Froth-Bite
Ecchi comedy about a young sorceress who summons a human as her familiar. Click here for screens.




10 responses

8 07 2006

It’s Bleach 234 not 243. Great manga releases though! *thumbs up*

8 07 2006

Thanks, I corrected the error.


8 07 2006

Great to see MU_v2 team at work…


9 07 2006

I scanlated evangelion chapter 72 (own translation). Please, feel free to post it properly. Here is the linl (rapidshare):

9 07 2006

Sorry. Forgot to say: it is in English.

9 07 2006

I added it to the Weekend Updates. Good work dude!

9 07 2006

Although the translation seems a bit rough, it’s a nice job, mate! 😉


9 07 2006

Thanks ^^; Yeah I am still learning Japanese – long way to go =)
The most dialogues I already had in my mind because of the anime (it’s pretty much the same in some parts) and the others I tried to translate by myself and asked help in others to a friend of mine ^^

10 07 2006

Wow evangelion!! I love it but I’m going to wait until takenboun is released in my country.
Hey do anyone here knows a torrent or site were I can get all the Hellsing manga up to date?

10 07 2006

You find Hellsing in our Links -> An-Ip


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