Weekend Update

22 07 2006

Good evening gentlemen, it’s time to begin the weekend update.


Air Gear Volume 8 by Scum Scans thx to philippe1402!

Bleach 236 MQ by Binktopia

Hajime no Ippo v76 by Ignition-One
Hajime no Ippo ch274-276 by Ignition-One
Ippo enters and exits emo mode; not the first time and I’m sure it’s not the last, but he decides to challenge the world. It’s going to be awesome.

Mr. Fullswing v03 ch26 by KO-Scans

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 12 Part B by ETC

Uzumaki v1-3 by Manga-Sketchbook
A three volume horror manga. It’s old, being of a 1998 vintage, but good.

You haven’t read this manga, yet?
Don’t miss your monthly dose of Ultimate Hentai Kamen!

RAW (look in the sidebar)

Biomega ch 13 RAW
Biomega is out! Freaky!

D. Grayman ch 83 RAW

Eden ch 104 RAW

Gintama ch 126 RAW

Hajime no Ippo ch 470 RAW

Over Time ch 2 RAW

Psycho Busters ch 1-6 RAW




2 responses

23 07 2006

Very awesome site. I like all the previews and screens.

I read Uzumaki. Very freaky. Haven’t been that freaked out about a manga, till I read another manga of his “Gyo”. Bother were awesome and freaky. XD

24 07 2006

Yo, Yo,

Those are some good manga’s. I hope some of them will be animated in the proper way.

BTW, Episode 6 of the is out. Seems like Shinsen Sub has dropped this one. Hope the guys from Bakakozou & Conclave will keep subbing this one till the end.


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