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26 07 2006

Good evening everyone! This is the mid-week post, as you can clearly see and you see as well, that its still a little bit.. hollow; but don’t worry, it’ll fill pretty soon. For the time being you can read some nice mangas or enjoy the latest bleach episode.


Sorry I haven’t been updating too much; I’ll be playing a bit of catch up, and I promise a new manga upload sometime within the next 24 hours.

Berserk ch 277 by Evil Genius

Biomega ch 13 by Evil Genius

Bleach ch 237 by M7

Ippo, over his emo moment, fights a frightening new opponent.
Hajime no Ippo ch 728-731 by Ignition-One
Hajime no Ippo ch 732 by Ignition-One

Goth v1 complete by Manga Sketchbook & Kotonoha

Naruto ch 317 HQ by Jinchuuriki

NHK ch 26v2 by Evil Genius
NHK ch 25 by Evil Genius

This One Piece arc continues to deliver!
One Piece ch 419-420

Ryuuroden is a very cool chinese manga.
You can find a synopsis and download here:
Ryuuroden ch 1-42 by JKP

Zetman ch 56-60 by Evil Genius



Bleach 90 by Dattebayo
Bleach 91 by Dattebayo




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27 07 2006

Good work Saiko, hopefully you can watch Black Lagoon soon.


28 07 2006

Yo peeps,

A couple of recommendations.

Tokko is a nice horor action anime. The series is almost complete and more info can be found here.

I dont like drama anime and I mostly watch action based animes.
Monster however is the exception to this rule. Ive been hooked since episode 1. Im not fond of the way they draw the characters, but the story makes you (at least me) forget this. Its a very good story.

Now some quick updates
Episode 3 of the Coyote Ragtime Show is out. This is one of the better action series at this moment. Looks good, sound goods and the story will progress further. BTW, I like the Marciano Sisters πŸ™‚

Episode 16 of School Rumble Season 2 is out. Older episodes can be found here.

Thats all folks.



28 07 2006

Hi Lonny, thx for all the links.

Our comment is a bit buggy so I’d appreciated if you could just post the name of the series. We know where to get the links. Thanks πŸ˜‰

Anyway, thx for your effort πŸ˜‰


29 07 2006
31 07 2006

That’s it, thx man!


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