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2 08 2006


Air Gear ch 71-77 by Hanzo & NF

Ares ch 73 by KMT

Bleach ch 238 by Binktopia
Bleach ch 238 RAW (sidebar)

Full Metal Alchemist sketches RAW

Hajime no Ippo ch 724-740 by Ignition One

“‘I’m … being murdered. Please help me.’ One hour after that phone call, I saw her before me. I found it hard to reconcile those placid eyes with what she had said on the phone.” So starts a compelling new manga by Mohiro Kitou.
Hallucination from the Womb ch 1-2 by Kotonoha

Jump Character Super Summer Vacation

Naruto ch 318 RAW LQ
Naruto ch 318 by M7

Ryuuroden ch 43 by JKP
IRC: #jkp@irc.highway.net
Trigger: /msg xDCCKoR xdcc send #177

Shamo ch 149-156 by Manga Sketchbook

Suzuka ch 1-115 by Anime Waves, UC Rumble Scans, Animescans, SOS, and Promfet
A romance manga for healthy young men. The manga version has a much higher ecchi level than the anime.

Vagabond v 22v2 by KO Scans

Since we’ve received 77 hits from people looking for the Zero no Tsukaima manga, here it is: Zero no Tsukaima ch 01 by AquaStar Fansubs & Kawaii Heavens


Black Lagoon 11 by Shinsen Subs

Mushishi 24 by C1 Anime




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4 08 2006

Nice selection of manga’s.

Scumscans has also updated there Air Gear scans
Cheggit out.


Shinsen Subs has picked Night Head Genesis. Animation is good. Have to wait for the story to pick up.


Is there a reason for using rapidshare.de to post files ? There are some good alternatives out like filefactory.com or megaupload.com.

4 08 2006

It’s fast and stable. Infact megaupload.com and rapidshare are the best filehosts we know. Do you know other filehosts that store the files at least one month without download?


5 08 2006

Ummm…. Though question 😦

Have a look at
http://www.uploadsolution.com/ or http://www.filecoast.com/

More info about filehosters can bere found at http://www.filehostingreview.com/


7 08 2006

Hi Silv,

A bunch of question i would like to have your feedback on

1 – regarding rapidshare
Ok, it is fast.
But it should be dropped…
We already had this talk
Waiting one hour to get a second file is way too much

On the contrary, which other upload server would you recommend ?

2 – regarding the video on today’s page
What is the link with the concept of mangaundreground ?
I would rather see video visualy linked to manga.
Or if not visually linked, at least where the link with the anime is given.
+ link toward a screen caps.

And check on http://www.evil-genius.us/
You will find a great video, made out of Berserk raws.

3 – regarding licensed manga
Which policy do we have ?
Promoting every scanlation work we like ?
Or not ?
If yes, which are the consequences ?
Are you prepared to deal wih it ?
If not, how do we deal with this issue ?
I’m asking the question, because I believe MU will have more and more success…
And get more and more attention.

4 – regarding this kind of question
Is it ok with you to talk on the open about it ?
Or do you prefer to talk it somewhere else ?

This having been said…
I’m very impressed by the new MU.
Waouh !!!
It is a really a great project


7 08 2006

I’ll post an answer after work

cya phil 🙂


8 08 2006

Nice and intersting chat
Next time… with microphone, I hope
See you


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