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9 08 2006

Well, here we are; in the middle of a new week and here goes the new update…


You visit this site on a regular basis but haven’t write a guestbook entry yet?

Then you should visit this site asap 🙂
Please keep supporting us by writing comments and guestbook entries.
If you know the basics of html and read a lot of manga, you may also
join our team and get access to the huge manga ressources avaible in the net.
Every helping hand is welcome!




Kurozuka v6 ch 26-28 & Ultimate Hentai Kamen v.6 ch 38-39 by Izumo no Ryuu

20th Century Boy ch 10-11 by Manga Heaven

Air Gear ch 137 RAW
Air Gear ch 78-80 by Manga Cult

Berserk 278 by Evil Genius


D. Grayman Vol 8 & 9 by Timcanpi they’re back!

Full Metal Alchemist ch 62 RAW

Hajime no Ippo ch 741 by Ignition One

Naruto ch 317-318 HQ by Japflap

Phoenix Wright ch 1 RAW

Ryuuroden ch 43 by JKP

Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 10-12 RAW
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 06-09 RAW
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 5-ch12b by ETC
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 1-4 by ETC
It’s finally up!


Bleach 92 by Dattebayo

*Kino’s Travel 1-13 Complete by KAA
*Kino’s Travel Movie by Live Evil

Onmyou Taisenki 1-52 Complete by T-N




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9 08 2006
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9 08 2006

Hey, big fan of your work here, I’m sure everyone appreciates it as much as I do, I have a small question about the Suzuka Manga, I’ve looked around through the scannalators but haven’t found much info, Is is still being continued? Or did it end?

Also, I don’t remember if you link to Blood+ or anything, but someone managed to sub 39, the file acts wierd though And crashes windows explorer when you try to open it, It worked in VLC player however.


10 08 2006

It’s still being continued by Rumble Scans (now up to ch 117)

Well I don’t like Blood+ much. It’s kinda boring and somehow always the same. The opening is good, but story and art are pretty weak though.


10 08 2006

I must admit, I agree with how it is kinda boring and always feels the same, but somehow I’m compelled to watch it.

They have had alot of good openings as well, I agree.

10 08 2006

Well it’s just average. Btw I see that you have an own manga blog. Do you want to join Manga Underground? We’re still looking for more members, though. Feel free to contact us over email, if you’re interested.


13 08 2006

Go go go Silverado!!! (No, I’m not a pom pom girl ^^’)
Every leacher thanx you for your precious job!!!
If one day you feel bad, remember everybody’s with you!!! (lol, it sounds like girls in rpg)
But it comes from my heart (really) ^_^

14 08 2006

😦 everybody’s ignoring me. We’re a team, it’s not like silverado’s doing it alone, you know? 😀

Btw: we have a guestbook for stuff like that Mildred, you know?

14 08 2006

Hi! You guys are great! Of course you too Saiko!
Your mangas are topnotch. Keep this up!

14 08 2006


16 08 2006

rapidshare.de is getting suck, 8 mins EACH zip file to download it, damnit!

22 08 2006
Masterof Sao

hey it’s a pity you uploaded sao to megaupload since lots of countries (including mice ) mave absurd limits of 500 users at one time – it’s impossible to dl them ;/
such a great manwha , good that etc are still doing it

22 08 2006

We’ll make a mirror on youupload.com.


23 08 2006
Masterof Sao

btw can you imagine that i have thoose absurd limits although i live in the middle of EU ?? total absurd
from my own experience i know Easy-sharing is also good but i don’t know if they support so big files

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