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15 08 2006

Hi readers,
I’m looking for the Kenshin (Samurai X) OVAs 1-6.
The current torrent is 1,81 GB big but the video quality was pretty low.
It would be nice, if somebody could post a torrent of the awesome OVAs
with japanese voice and a decent videoquality?
Thx in advance!

More importantly, MU’s looking for more authors who help us with the manga updates. If you know a lot of mangas and can spare some hours a week then plz contact us here. We need at least 2 more authors to run this blog efficiently.

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Air Gear ch 82 by MangaCult

Bleach ch 239 by Binktopia

Change Guy ch 296 by KMTS

Dangu Vol 4 by NexGear

Elfen Lied by Oishii-Illuminati

Reverend ch 0 RAW

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 12 Part C by ETC

Tenjou Tenge ch 95 by Manga Translation


Bleach Episode 93 by DB
Bleach Episode 94 by DB
Naruto Episode 197 by DB

*Kurau Phantom Memory 1-12 by AnimeYuki
*Kurau Phantom Memory 13-24 by AnimeYuki
*Another masterpiece by the BONES Studios (FMA, Samurai Champloo)!


for episode 1-24
/msg AnY|Archive send #159 … 182





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16 08 2006


Elfen Lied is great πŸ˜€
Can anybody tell me why the title is german? Or is it common english and I just didn’t know?

16 08 2006

It’s because the Japanese love riddles.


17 08 2006

Hi guys…

Thanx for the great efforts there…
well I`m wondering if anyone could help me finding a torrent or direct link for “change guy” manga…cuz unfortunetly it seems that the link you mentioned in your manga list does not exist anymore 😦

help will be appretiated…
thanx in advanced


17 08 2006
18 08 2006

Seeders to leecher ratio = 1:3

Pretty horrible, but it is dvd quality…

18 08 2006

Thanx silverado ..although i`m still wondering why am I been blocked from the site !! : ?

try to find a way out….

18 08 2006

sorry ..i ment that i`m gonna find a way out πŸ˜‰
replace try = trying

sorry for my poor English…

19 08 2006

Heya Silverado! I assume you use torrent programs, so which do you use?
I used to use Azureus, and then Utorrent, But I just reformatted so I’m trying to decide which. Do you think you could post a poll or something similar about used Torrent Clients?

19 08 2006

I perfere utorrent, it’s very stable and fast and use less ressources then Azureus. I’ll think about adding a poll though. Thx for your suggestion.


20 08 2006

I have a problem with youpload, the site tell me that the code is wrong all times I try, but I think there something I don’t understand with the black and red letters. Can someone help me?

Btw, thx Silv for your work πŸ˜‰

20 08 2006

Pretty strange, I’ve checked the uploads
and they work fine for me. There’re no differences in black
and red letters despite their colour 0.o It’s maybe a proxy problem?
Which download was it?


20 08 2006

Ok, it was a cookie problem, pretty strange because the site tell me the code is wrong, and don’t even speak of cookie…

Thx anyway πŸ™‚

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