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29 08 2006

Mieru Hito

Hi there!
As you might have noticed, a couple of new Mieru Hito chapters was translated recently by Maximum7 and Fucking-Manga. Since M7 doesn’t have any direct downloads of it and downloading every single chapter from the IRC is a pain in the ass, I thought I’d upload it for you.

P.S.: if there’s another manga only aviable @ IRC or torrent and you can’t download – just send me a mail and I’ll upload it for you.

Mieru Hito v.03 ch 17-25 by FM & M7


Here’s another manga worth reading, that’s what I think at least. In case you don’t know it yet, here’s a short plot summary from ANN:

Taiyo Nakabiru went to Okinawa on a trip in pursuit of beautiful girls and his wish to go diving. When trying to hit upon a girl, she surprises him by saying that he killed her mother. It appears that she and her two sisters know him, even though he does not remember ever going to Okinawa before. After convincing the three sisters, Nagisa, Shibuki and Mio Miyara, to let him help them out with their work and to let him learn diving from them, Taiyo’s childhood with the sisters slowly comes back to him, and certain strange events involving a mystical white whale begins to haunt them.

If you ask me, its a nice manga with lots of big boobed girls, an interesting plot and some mystic elements. πŸ˜€


IO Volume 1-3 by Anime Waves
IO Volume 4-6 by Anime Waves
IO Volume 7-8 by Anime Waves

The manga is being continued. For further downloads and informations, have a look at the translator’s website.


And here goes another one. Girlfriend is kind of perverted, so if you can’t stand ecchi mangas – don’t even bother reading it.
The manga hasn’t got anything like a story/plot. Its more of a collections of short stories about high school students and their… erm… romantic relationships.

Girlfriend v. 1-3 mirror 1
Girlfriend v. 1-3 mirror 2
Translated by Kotonoha





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29 08 2006

Hey Saiko,
thx for the offer…


1 09 2006

Incase you want to post this, or haven’t seen it yet,

Bleach’s Preview for Adult Swim

2 09 2006
4 09 2006

could you upload holyland. thanks

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