Upload: KILICO by Kôichi KIBA

20 09 2006

It came out in 1998,
Meaning it’s already old stuff…
It’s a cop/killer death/love catch story.
But it’s fun to read…
And it’s a complete story, not too long (4 volumes)
So far, it was not published outside of Japan.
Last but not least, I suggest you listen to good and energetic music, when you read it.
Enjoy !!!

Ps – For more info, Mangaupdates
Otherwise, KILICO reminds me somehow of SIN CITY, by Frank MILLER, which started in 1994
(You can check him out at wikipedia)


KILICO volume 1-4 Complete by Omanga


Bio-Mega ch 15 RAW

D. Gray-Man ch 91 RAW

Giant Robo ch 1 RAW

One Piece ch 428 RAW


Bleach ch 244 by M7

Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 1 by Square Ocean

Naruto ch 324 by Jinchuuriki

One Piece ch 428 by Jinchuuriki

Reverend D. ch 1 RAW
Reverend D. ch 0 by Okiro! & MMS

Sekirei ch 6 by KMTS

I found somekind of a batch release on my daily trip through the Torrent Trackers.

Tenjo Tenge ch 95 by Manga Translations
Tenjo Tenge ch 96 by Manga Translations
Tenjo Tenge ch 97 by Manga Translations

Unbalanced X Unbalanced ch 12 by KMTS

Bleach Episode 97 by DB

Ergo Proxy 21 by Pino no Usagi

Naruto Episode 201 by DB




9 responses

20 09 2006

Ahh that’s a nice one! Thank you for the upload phil!

21 09 2006

I was surprised to c Kilico! Nice upload though!

22 09 2006
Devin Lane

I’ve got some bandwidth to burn, and I hate using youpload/other upload services, so I’d like to offer to mirror this file. I’ve downloaded it and can put it up on my server if you’d like, just let me know!

24 09 2006

Oh that’s really generous of you, but I dont think that you can handle 150 gig traffic a week ^^. If you can, I’d like to come back to your offer the next time.


24 09 2006

you mean a server like, let’s say kmt, is doing that much traffic ?
By the way, any info about raws ? (ares, LO)


24 09 2006

If 500 persons download your file (~300 MB) it would cause
500 x 300 MB = 150.000 MB traffic in one week(!).
f.e. Death Note was downloaded over 700 times.
That makes 700 x 450 = 315.000 MB traffic since the 11.9.2006!

As for KMTS well I think they would make about 80-100 gig traffic a month.
It really depends on the download sizes. So if Devin Lane can spare about 5-10 gig traffic a month, it still could really helps us storing small seperate files.


26 09 2006

Last Order volume 9 is great !
Enjoy !!!


7 10 2006
Devin Lane

Sorry, I forgot to specify how much bandwidth I have to burn. I can spare you about 2TB a month. Let me know if interested.

7 10 2006

That sounds pretty good and would help us a lot. You can leave your email address in a comment, or write us an email, where you specify how you’re going to use your server. Are we getting access to upload or do you intend to just make mirrors?

Whatever it is, we gladly appreciate your offer! 🙂


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