Thursday’s RAW Update

28 09 2006

Update: The mirror links of Eden & SAO are up!
Eden It’s an Endless World
Shin Angyo Onshi

A big thanks to Daryl, who’ve uploaded the series.
You can visit his site on


Living Game Volume 1-10 Complete by The Hawks
Living Game is a romantic comedy about a guy living in an overcrowded apartment in Tokyo.
His only goal is to create a warm place for him and his girlfriend. I’ve read the manga in this summer and It became one of my all time favourites besides Maison Ikkoku and GTO. I can warmly recommend this manga to everyone!

Sôten no Kômori One Shot RAW (by the author of FMA) Hey, that’s a pretty nice one shot. Hopefully the scanlation’s released soon.

Air Gear ch 141 RAW

Battle Angel Alita Last Order ch 58 RAW *THX to Crazyakan
Battle Angel Alita Last Order Volume 9 RAW

Beck ch 84 RAW

Bleach ch 245 by M7
Bleach ch 245 RAW

D. Gray-Man ch 92 RAW

Dorohedoro ch 54 RAW this manga is really freaky!

Dosperado ch 3 RAW I loled good on this one ^^

Emberming 2 ch 1 RAW

Hatsukanezumi no Jikan ch 4 RAW

Kamen Teacher ch 1-5 RAW

Kurozuka ch 29-31 by Izumo no Ryuu
Onikiri Jyuzo Volume 2 by Izumo no Ryuu
Ultimate!! Hentai Kamen Volume 5 by Izumo no Ryuu

Me-Teru ch 5 RAW
Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 5 by Square Ocean
Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 4 by Square Ocean
Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 3 by Square Ocean
Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 2 by Square Ocean

Naruto ch 325 by NarutoBuzz
Naruto ch 325 lg RAW

Natsu no Arashi ch 2 RAW

One Piece ch 429 by Jinchuuriki
One Piece ch 429 Hg RAW

Ravages of Time ch 64-65 by RW Kicks ass!

Seikon no Keisa ch 2 RAW A newcomer, why hasn’t anybody scanlate it yet?

Shigurui ch 38 RAW

Shin Angyo Onshi ch 12 Part 4 by ETC
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 14 RAW (by
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 13 RAW

Sidoh ch 76 RAW

Tenjou Tenge ch 98 by Manga Translation

Witchblade ch 7 RAW What a pain. It’s even worse then the comic version.




13 responses

29 09 2006

What a nice update, good job indeed guys…!

29 09 2006

I’m uploading both of the series. 🙂
I will send you the mirror links in an email! Expect the links tonight!

29 09 2006

sweet raws. but where is kamen teacher ch4?

30 09 2006

Thank you for the raws

but where is Air Gear ch.141 raw? sorry to bother

30 09 2006

Thank you for Air Gear 141

2 10 2006

Awesome update with Shin Angyo Onshi. ^_^

Just one thing though, the RAWS are in Japanese while the earlier volumes for SAO were in Chinese. O_o

Meh, the pictures are still great.

3 10 2006

I think you mean Korean, not Japanese.


4 10 2006


i love these old mangas

1 12 2006

Anyone know where I can get more Witchblade Manga Raws? Google isn’t helping.

1 12 2006
20 01 2007

You think you could give those Last Order raws again? I’d even pat for ’em, if you wanted. 🙂

20 01 2007

PAY, not pat. Oy gevalt…

20 01 2007

I’ll look if I can find something for you.

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