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4 10 2006

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With a heavy heart… I have to say that we’re forced to drop Mushishi. (c1anime got an cease and desist order) [..]We were so close, and we’re very sorry to all of you. Mushishi has been one of the greatest shows I’ve had the privilidge to work on, and it will be missed. […]Thanks again, and we’re sorry.
C1 Anime

Hi all! We are thinking about adding a shoutbox to the page, where you can post questions and answers, but this would extent the sidebar a bit. So we’re asking for your feedback. Do you guys want and need a shoutbox, or do you want to keep this site clean and lucid?

The New Anime Season is up to start.
I will try to watch almost all of them and give a small review to the best ones.


Black Lagoon 13 by Shinsen Subs
shortreview: Well, it starts with a very sick twincest/vampire Arc. Anyways the Animations are like always well done, and I hope that the Story is getting better. While I was watching it, I thought that the second season has more violence and gore ^^ I’l be looing forward to next weeks Episodes.

Bleach Episode 98 by DB

Death Note 1 by Live-Evil
Shortreview: Well I thought it was very slow in the beginning, I hope it’s getting a little faster later. The Animations are great, I was realy surprised when I watched it the first time.

D. Gray-Man 1 by SD
Shortreview: Allan Walker is an Excorzist, a special one. Since his Birth he’s been able to see the Akuma’s (Demons) with his left eye, and he has an Anti-Akuma weapon attached to his left Arm. I Must admit, that I never read the Manga ^^” but what I just saw, was awesome.

Kemonozume 7 by AF-F




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5 10 2006

What an awesome update, kemono and d-gray releases!! thank you so much!! ^__^


6 10 2006

Yeah! they have an anime for this now!! I love the manga now I get to watch the anime too!! Thanks for the update ^^

7 10 2006

OMG! only one more episode… and it gets licensed… only one… one… one… !!!!! ONE!!!

9 10 2006

Very nice screenshots! More more! Keeps it up!

13 10 2006
13 10 2006

Hey my Vietnamese buddy. I appreciate your site but plz dont spam anymore.


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