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22 10 2006

MU Media Server

Dear reader,

Bad news: first of all, I’m sorry for the late update.
Starting from today I’ll spend less time for MU.
(Yeah even less then usual ^^’ ) and therefor we’re again looking
for some devoted authors, who wants to join the blog.
So if you are a long time visitor and have thought a lot of time
“Why the heck haven’t they posted the newest Bleach & Air Gear chapter yet?”

JOIN US! And keep this site up to date by yourself!

Become an author for manga (scanlation,raw) or anime (subs,screencaps)!
All you need is an account on MU and an email at

with your age (16+ good would be 18+), ICQnr and a list of manga & anime you’re interested in.

Good news:

New Mirror Server Online

The initial mirrors are up. Note that some files are still hosted by rapidshare/megaupoad/etc., we’re working on that. Also note that the RAW’s are not mirrored yet, we’re working on that as well. Download as much as you want, but please don’t post direct links on other sites. Thanks!

As you can see we’ve picked up some new series (Thx devin 😉 ).

Hosted Series


Midori no Hibi

Me-Teru no Kimochi


Ravages Of Time


*Pluto (highly recommend this!)

MU Media Server


hahaha the find of the day! 🙂
How to prank the telemarketer



Air Gear ch 90 by Haruhi Fansubs

Biomega ch 15 by Evil Genius

Bleach ch 248 by M7

Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 8 by Square Ocean (Now hosted by MU)

Naruto ch 328 MQ by NarutoBuzz

One Piece ch 431

Vagabond ch 217 RAW by Fuadigimon

Zetman ch 63-64 by Evil Genius (Now hosted by MU)





5 responses

21 10 2006

hey its my first comment here but i come here every week after the army.
i wanted to say how grateful i am for this site. its really great that someone has the time and the will to update all those manga series for us the people that do not have the time and the means to search all those new chapters and new cool mangas.
i can trouthfully say that this site made my serving the army much easier.
thx a bunch and keep with the great work.
the new server is a great idea.
if i only had a normal sallery (i get like 70$ a month) i surly had donated. sry for that.

21 10 2006

hey man thanks for the new server, and about the idea of joining the blog is tempting to me but i am also working on with my life here. Thanks man, again, and hope you find people.

PD. AKPY good thing you find this site inspirational for your service 🙂

22 10 2006

Heh thanks, we really appreciate your feedback!


22 10 2006

ever since i stumbled upon this site I never miss out on the manga and the anime im interested in! especially the manga! woo! thanks for the new server! the reviews help a lot! pluto is definitely a good read! thanks for the recommendations here! woo! keep it up!

22 10 2006

Yay! Pluto seems very nice indeed!!! I’m SO truly happy to read another manga by the man who created 2th CB and Monster, the way he builds up the story is just magnificent!

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