Big Anime update

27 10 2006

Well, well seems like I’m a little behind. ^^
Edit: Wahhh seems like few of these Animes were already listed in an earlier update. But they’ll remain in this one too, because of the Screencaps >.
Black Lagoon 14 by Shinsen
Black Lagoon 15 by Shinsen
Black Lagoon 16 by Shinsen

D.Gray-Man 2 by Order
D.Gray-Man 3 by Order
D.Gray-Man 4 by Order

Death Note 2 by Live-Evil
Death Note 3 by Live-Evil
Death Note 4 by Live-Evil

Kanon 2 by SS-Eclipse
Kanon 3 by SS-Eclipse
Kanon 4 by SS-Eclipse

Kemonozume 9 by AF-F FOR THE WIN!

Naruto 207 by DB

Pumkin Scissors 1, 2 by Eclipse
Pumkin Scissors 3 by Eclipse
Pumkin Scissors 4 by Eclipse

Pumpkin Scissors 1 by eclipse (High Res)
Pumpkin Scissors 2 by eclipse (High Res)
Pumpkin Scissors 3 by eclipse (High Res)




8 responses

27 10 2006

Great !

27 10 2006

thx for the update, but could you send a link to Pumkin Scissors Episode 1, and link 2 is broken

27 10 2006

Seems like 1 and 2 aren’t tracked Anymore O.o (LQ Version)
I’ll try to find another Download option
I’m adding the High Res Versions (1024×576, h264) if your PC can handle much than you can use these too

Found another DL source of the LQ Versions

27 10 2006

thx a lot

28 10 2006

hi how are you …i was just wandering wen tenjou tenge manga ch 99 will be out they have the raw but not the translated version

28 10 2006

Refrain from questions like this, Rachel. When it’s out, you’ll see it here.

31 10 2006

ahm…hi..’n.n, question, you know if the death note movie it’s already available?, if you already have it please upload it, or if you have any link or information of how can i get it, please tell me.

thanks so much for your time and attention.


2 11 2006

Although there were some Chinese versions I would recommend you to wait for a dvd or tv ripp. I have watched Death Note the movie, but it was quite dissapointing. You should stick to the anime.


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