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2 11 2006

MU Uploader
Latetly we’ve been busy with uploading, so we’ve decided to create
a public upload interface for all users. Found the newest Shin Angyo Onshi or Eden chapter? Upload it and share your found on Recent Uploads. You’re from a scanlation group and need to host one or two chapters? Use the upload form and we’ll host your latest releases!

Please note that we cannot host the most popular series (Bleach, Berserk, One Piece, Naruto, etc.) as a) there are plenty of places to download these releases and b) hosting them would kill our bandwidth in a matter of days.

Registration Deactivated!
You won’t get anything by registring on mu! That’s why we’ve decided to delete all non author accounts. Gomen! Keep supporting us by visiting and commenting!

YAY Anime update On the 11th November at 8:30 PM GMT+1
Mu is going to present the first Karas OVA via internet stream.
You can find the Trailer of Karas HERE

The stream will be avaible here

Chevalier 6 (Xvid) by AnY
Chevalier 6 (HDTV) by AnY
Chevalier 7 (Xvid) by AnY
Chevalier 7 (HDTV) by AnY
Chevalier 8 (Xvid) by AnY
Chevalier 8 (HDTV) by AnY

D. Gray-man 5 by Order

Death Note 5 by Live-Evil

Kanon 5 by SS-Eclipse

Kemonozume 10 by AF-F&Y-F
Kemonozume 11 by AF-F&Y-F

Pumpkin Scissors 5 by Eclipse
Pumpkin Scissors 5 (High Res) by Eclipse

Naruto 208 by DB
Bleach 101 by DB
Bleach 102 by DB




8 responses

3 11 2006

Kemonozume for the win!

4 11 2006


6 11 2006

Kemonozume is pretty cool. This is my first time watching this anime and i’m liking it alot. thanks for the links and nice site you have here, keep it up

7 11 2006

Honestly, I don’t care about Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, etc.
(With one exception for berserk, but no prob)
Anyway, suggestions for new and old manga to upload are welcome.


7 11 2006

Kemonozume is refreshing! Oh and addicted to Pluto and Ares =]

7 11 2006

Have you already read Living Game, phil? It’s a cool comedy.

8 11 2006

Oh the new uploader is pretty cool. It’s always refreshing to visit your site. Thanks a lot for your work! Keep it up! Nice you have the latest tenjou tenge chapter!

8 11 2006

Code Geass reminds me of eureka 7 , good anime indeed and keep up the good work

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