Manga Update of the Week

2 11 2006

This is my first time making the RAW and Manga update almost alone ^^” I’ll try my best
This week no Naruto chapter.


Agharta vol.8 ch 55
Agharta vol.8 ch 56
Agharta vol.8 ch 57
Agharta vol.8 ch 58

Air Gear ch 93v2 by SF
Air Gear ch 94 by SF
Air Gear ch 145 RAW

Bleach ch 250 by M7
Bleach ch 250 RAW LQ

Hellsing 77
Hellsing 78

Me teru no Kimochi ch 10 RAW
Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 10 by Square Ocean
Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 9 by Square Ocean

Naruto ch 329 by Japflap

Neon Genesis Evangelion ch 74 by Mada^2 Dane

One Pice ch 433 RAW

Ryuuroden ch 45 by JKP

Tenjou Tenge ch 99 by Manga Translations

Vagabond ch 219 by Strays
Vagabond ch 219 RAW

Zetman ch 65-67 by Evil Genius

Unbalance v02 ch15 by k-manga
Unbalance v02 ch16 by k-manga




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5 11 2006

New Zetman chaps
Zetman for the win!!!!!

8 11 2006

Added Me Teru no Kimochi 10
Gantz phase 2 will be out the 22 of November


8 11 2006

Added Unbalance Ch15 and 16

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