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10 11 2006

Well well, it’s a little late ^^” because we are in the middle of the week. But the other post was just too much ^^

Black Lagoon 17 by Shinsen

Bleach 102v2 by DB

Becaue I’m such an Anime Freak: One more Anime for our Weakly Anime update ^^
Something short about it: First to be said is that Code Geass is the latest Clamp release. In the Year 2017 Japan is not longer Japan, it’s called Area 11 The New Goverment is the Britannian Empire. It’s about a boy who gets the Power to free Japan (‘nough said) I picked this series up because it is realy exciting to watch it. I’m recommending it to anyone! At least try out the first episode ^^
Code Geass 1 by GG
Code Geass 2 by GG
Code Geass 3 by GG
Code Geass 4 by GG

Death Note 6 by Live Evil

Kanon 6 by SS-Eclipse

Kemonozume 12 by AF-F&Y-F
Kemonozume 13 by AF-F&Y-F complete

Pumpkin Scissors 6 by Eclipse
Pumpkin Scissors 6 (High Res) by Eclipse
NOTE: Am I the only ohne who thinks that this is filler O.o (can’t remember this part in the manga)

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14 11 2006

It’s the end of Kemonozume
Any other older anime from the same team is welcome


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