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12 11 2006

Hello to you all!!!

I am Senbonzakura and I am a new author to this site…so nice to meet you all and I hope you enjoy yourselves.

I thought I’d add some new Manga series titles for you. If you find any of them interesting post a comment and I’ll be sure to keep update tracking on those as well. So here I go…

Ai Kora [Love & Collage] by Inoue Kazurou.
>Genre: Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School Life.
Ai Kora [Love&Collage] ch 1-14 by AT-Translations
Ai Kora [Love&Collage] ch 15 and Raws Vol 3-5 by Serenity
Ai Kora [Love&Collage] ch 16-25 by Musashi Quality

To Love Ru – Trouble – by Hasemi Saki.
>Action, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Sci-Fi, Shounen.
To Love Ru – Trouble – ch 1-27 by KEFI

Fairy Tail by Hashima Hiro.
>Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen.
Fairy Tail ch 1-13 by KEFI

Family Compo by Hojo Tsukasa.
>Comedy, Drama, Shounen.
Family Compo ch 22-30 & 36-42 by Nojay
Family Compo ch 1-30 & 36-42

Mx0 by Kano Yasuhiro.
>School Life, Action, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shounen.
Mx0 ch 1-10 by Ossu

Angel Heart by Hojo Tsukasa.
>Action, Drama, Comedy, Mystery.
Angel Heart ch 1-37 by Manga Project
Angel Heart ch 38-79 by Evil-Genius

Also newly released…

Air Gear vol 11 ch 95 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear vol 12 ch 96 by Sleeping Forest

Air Gear vol 11 ch 95v2 by Sleeping Forest (IRC Only Release)
Air Gear vol 12 ch 96v2 by Sleeping Forest (IRC Only Release)

Air Gear vol 12 ch 97 by Shijin-Tenshi
Air Gear vol 12 ch 98 by Shijin-Tenshi 

Agharta 59 by Manga-Sketchbook
Agharta 60 by Manga-Sketchbook

The Ravages Of Time vol 8 ch 68 by Remnant Warriors
The Ravages Of Time vol 9 ch 69 by Remnant Warriors

Shounan Jun’ai Gumi vol 6 ch 45-46 by Illuminaty-Manga

Well, that’s it for now…Enjoy
~Senbonzakura~ (ZooKeeper is also lurking around ^___^)




7 responses

12 11 2006

they look all interesting ^^

12 11 2006

thx for taking up Family Compo

13 11 2006


14 11 2006

something new !!!
thx Senbonzakura


15 11 2006

I seem to get an error message when I try to download a manga saying that the file isn’t a valid BitTorrent.


thx for the assist. (I like Code Geass, good series).

15 11 2006

Which torrent where you talking about?

16 11 2006

battle angel

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