Weekly Anime Update

15 11 2006

Well, here we go…
A new week and new anime has arrived!

Here comes Bakumatsu. I’ll pick this one up because I think it’s worth watching xD
And I need your oppinion too, Which version should I keep up? Shinsen or Oyasumi?
Bakumatsu 1 by PNU & Shinsen
Bakumtasu 2 by Shinsen
Bakumatsu 3 by Shinsen
Bakumatsu 4 by Shinsen

Bakumatsu 1 by Oyasumi
Bakumatsu 2 by Oyasumi
Bakumatsu 3 by Oyasumi

D.Gray-man 7 by Black-Order
D.Gray-man 6 by Black-Order
D.Gray-man 7 by SD

Code Geass 5 by GG Fansubs

Black Lagoon 18 by Shinsen-Subs

Pumpkin Scissors 7 by Eclipse
Pumpkin Scissors 7 (High Res) by Eclipse

Le Chevalier D’Eon 10 by Shinsen-Subs

Death Note 7 by Live-Evil 

NGE Live Action Fan Trailer

Thats for now! Keep checking for more new updates !

~ Senbonzakura ~




4 responses

15 11 2006

saw the shinsen sub. not too bad. it’s kinda weird that whenever they use master whatever as opposed to whatever-sama.

16 11 2006

WOW ! Great screenshots you have there! You guys are the greatest! *astonished*

17 11 2006

Kewl Update!
Tried saving Blood+ to desktop and then running in BitTornado, which usually runs torrents just fine. This file Blood%%.zip.torrent fails to run with the error “is not a valid response file”.

Just plain weird!
Take care,

18 11 2006

Checked the file and it works fine with Utorrent though.
Might be a problem with your client or the ports.


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