Anime Update

20 11 2006

Well, the new week started so…


Gankutsuoo 1-24 by Ani Kraze

Gankutsuoo OST by Nipponsei

Gankutsuoo Classic Compilation by Nipponsei


Death Note 8 by Live Evil

Kanon 8 by SS-Eclipse

Black Lagoon 19 by Shinsen


Code Geass 6v2 by GG

NHK ni Youkoso! 19 by Oyasumi-Subs

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 5 by Shinsen-Subs

Pumpkin Scissors 8 by Eclipse

D.Gray-Man 8 by Order

That’s for now. Keep checking for new releases!

~Senbonzakura, Arkaniet~




One response

21 11 2006

im trying to download the bakumatsu episodes to watch them but it keeps saying that it cant identify the file type … how do i watch it XD

thank you for posting 🙂

* ~Senbonzakura~
Hey there!
You can use a bitorrent client like Azureus or BitComet to download and watch the episode. I’ve re-checked the link and torrent and they work fine, so it should be all right now.

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