Weekly Manga Update

29 11 2006

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves this weekend…

So, here you go, this week’s manga updates…

Air Gear v 12 ch 103 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 12 ch 104 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 13 ch 105 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 13 ch 106 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 13 ch 107 by Sleeping Forest

Ai Kora [Love&Collage] v 3 ch 30 +Omake

Ares ch 77 by KMTS

It’s Thursday! That means, today is Raw day!

Bleach ch 254 RAW
Bleach ch 254 HQ by BleachBuzz
Bleach ch 254 by M7

A new manga starting this week, it’s called

Blue Dragon – Ral Ω Gurado ch 1 RAW
Blue Dragon – Ral Ω Gurado ch 1 by Kyrie
Check it out!

D.Gray-Man ch 100 RAW

Eyeshield 21 ch 212 RAW
Eyeshield 21 ch 212 by Faizuddin

Full Metal Alchemist ch 65 by TMI-Scans

Due to a missing chapter, the chapter 12 we all know is now chapter 13. And the new one is yet another chapter 12…
Me Teru no Kimochi ch 13 by Square Ocean
Me Teru No Kimochi ch 12 RAW
Me Teru No Kimochi ch 13 RAW

Naruto ch 333 RAW
Naruto ch 333 by NarutoBuzz

One Piece ch 436 RAW
One Piece ch 436 by Pho

Ryo v 6 ch 36 by ETC

Sekon No Keisa ch 5 RAW

Unbalance x Unbalance v 3 ch 20v2 by KMTS

(*) Reports have been made for the KMTS direct download page. If you have any problems accesing try these two URL’s:
KMTS DDL Directory II
KMTS DDL Volume Directory

~Senbonzakura, Arkaniet~




4 responses

2 12 2006

Air Gear n°105 not there…

*Sorry, Sleeping Forest changed it’s DDL site for hotlinking purposes…
So try again the link, it should be working…Though it’s torrent for now.


2 12 2006
majin buu

about seikon no quasar – its chapter 4 isn’t it? cause chapter 00 was just a teaser for the actual chapter 1.

*Sekon No Keisa ch 5 was released with this month’s magazine…
So, with your enumerating that should be correct although chapters 1-5 are released as stated…
1-4 are currently on our server and the last one will be uploaded soon…


3 12 2006

Blue Dragon looks like another potential Hit! Thanks for recommending it here!

3 12 2006

hehe yeah it seems so

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