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3 12 2006

Well, another week is here and we’re now in December!

Sleeping Forest seems to be on fire releasing 7 chapters the last few days…
Here are the latest…
Air Gear v 13 ch 108 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 13 ch 109v2 by Sleeping Forest
(Note)For chaps 103-107 check the previous manga post. In case you were wondering the links provided have ch 90-109, so if you missed some check again! ~Sen

Change Guy ch 298 by KMTS

Satsuma Volume 01 by Manga Sketchbook
Shamo Vol17 ch165 by Manga-sketchbook

*Hi guys, I’ve uploaded some cool oneshots by
Tsutomu Nihei (Blame & Biomega) for you, enjoy!

Blame Academy by Kotonoha

Zeb Noid by Kotonoha

Also Eden ch 108 has finally arrived at mu

Eden ch 108 RAW

Gantz ch 239 RAW

PositioN ch 1-4 by YKK

The Islanders by Kotonoha

Unbalanced x Unbalanced ch 21 by KMTS
Unbalanced x Unbalanced ch 22 by KMTS

Until Death Do Us Part ch 7 by Bakafish

Vagabond ch 221 RAW
Vagabond ch 221 by Strays

~silverado, Senbonzakura, Phil ~




2 responses

4 12 2006

That’s HEAVY stuff !
Many thx
And blame academy is just too much…


5 12 2006

Thanks to KMTS and Sleeping Forest, new chapters to read 🙂

Thanks for the post.

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