Death Note Movie (Engl Sub)

6 12 2006

Well like promised the Death Note movie with english subtitles.
I just watched it, and it’s not a scam ^^
I really like the Movie because it covers some more Details about Light’s motives. The Story is slightly different from the Manga, for example Light has a Girlfriend O.o although she is included in the Manga too. Many scenes and outcomes are different and it seems like the Movie is focused on the story about Raye Penber and Naomi Misora (The Fiancee of the FBI Agent) it’s really interesting how the Movie solves this conflict in a completely different way than the Manga.
Well Enjoy O.o

Space on HDD: 1.36 Gig
Resolution: 800×432
Lenght: 1:50:12

Further information:
I’m really sorry about rapidshare but it’s the fastest I know ^^”
Try blocking the cookies and reboot your router, this works for me.
Use these links like you wan’t, post it on other Boards or something like that.
And, enjoy watching the Movie… I did.

Some Screenshots:

There are no subs on the screens because Image Graber doesn’t feature *.ass or *.srt subs

For those who have a Raw of the Movie alreaddy on HDD
Death Note Engl Sub (MU)
And for those who wanna give Kani some extra points on his Rapidshare account T_T
Death Note Engl Sub (Rapid)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15




22 responses

6 12 2006

this is grrrrrrrrrreaaat!!! I just which i hadn’t erased the raw. now i have to download it again. thanks

6 12 2006

The subbed has been up for some time actually but only on torrent

6 12 2006

AWEEE!! nice something to see to night! \(^o^)/
what is the movies about ? i mean it cant be the same story as the series,, the series is longer than a movie in time.. THX btw puss buss

6 12 2006

Nice but i hate Rapidshare limited,Torrent would be nice. 🙂

6 12 2006

The torrent is on and you need to be a member.

I would tell you how far the movie goes but that would be a spoiler. If you really want to know how much the movie covers, I can post a spoiler.

10 12 2006

i couldn’t make the subtitle file to work, which software should i use?

10 12 2006

Try using the VLC player. Do a google search and you’ll find the website.

11 12 2006

how long is the whole movie?

17 12 2006

thanks i’m looking 4 srt

17 12 2006

Check the Manga Archive / Non Manga

23 12 2006

I registered at and then searched for the torrent file (death note), but I could not find it. Could someone please tell me under what filename is it?

24 12 2006

I can’t download sub. helppp

24 12 2006

Try this

24 12 2006

thx 😀

29 12 2006

Just to let you guys know, the subs included with this torrent file are mostly inaccurate.

7 01 2007

i want to see the last episode THE LAST NAME
does anyone know from which website i can download one
thank you very much

21 01 2007

how do i screen the sub tiltle??

should i just copy the file i the same folder or should i use virtuel dub??
pls i wunna see that movie and under stand whut they saying!

by the way yu can ddl that movie on!
there a lots of ddl links!

thx anyway for that great uploade!

21 01 2007


23 01 2007

How do i screen the sub tiltle??

Just copy the file in the same folder and Change the file name like the Movie name and put in the end of it (.str) and iam sure the Sub will work

Thanks For The Movie and The Sub

23 01 2007

You win!

23 01 2007

does anyone know where i can download “death note the last name” and english subs for it?


22 06 2007

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