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7 12 2006

Well, it Thursday a.k.a Raw Day, and a new week so… here we go…

Ai Kora[Love&Collage] v4 c 31 by Mushashi-Quality

Air Gear v13 ch110 by Sleeping Forest

Bleach ch 255 RAW
Bleach ch 255 by M7

Blue Dragon – Ral Grado ch 2 RAW

D.Gray-Man ch 101 RAW
D.Gray-Man ch 101 by Kira666

Gantz ch 239 HQ RAW
Gantz ch 239 by Illuminaty-TOWNL

Eyeshield 21 ch 213 RAW
Eyeshield 21 ch 213 by Daryl

Family Compo Day 32 by Nojay
Btw, if anyone is interested in Family Compo Raw Volumes, 1-14[Complete] in HQ can find them here. Credit goes to RawManga ^^”

Me Teru No Kimochi ch 14 RAW
Me Teru No Kimochi ch 14 by LONGBJS

Naruto ch 334 RAW
Naruto ch 334 by NarutoBuzz

One Piece ch 437 RAW
One Piece ch 437 by Nagash

Vagabond ch 222 RAW

to read .cbr files or zipped .jpg files, download CDdisplay

Well, keep checking…more releases to come ^^”

~ Senbonzakura, phil ~




2 responses

7 12 2006

you roxor my boxor

11 12 2006
majin buu

This is unrelated to this actual update, but i was checking out http://mu.devserver.org/manga/

and i noticed that “seikon no keisa” is wrong. im fairly sure it reads as “seikon no kueisaa”, (the ku+small e = que, so “queisaa”). loose translation would be: “the holy mark of quasar”, or “stigmata of quasar”. that, and your chapter 4 and 5 are the exact same chapter. just pointing that out.

*Thanx for the heads up. I’ll be sure to check it out too! ^^”

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