Anime Update

11 12 2006

Well lately there haven’t been as many anime updates as they used to be…
Anyway, this week starts early ^^”

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 6 by Shinsen-Subs

Black Lagoon 22 by Shinsen-Subs

Bleach 107 by DB

Code Geass 9 by GG

D.Gray-Man 11 by Order

Pumpkin Scissors by Eclipse (h264 1024×576)
Pumpkin Scissors by Eclipse (h264)
Pumpkin Scissors by Eclipse (XviD)

More to come…





2 responses

15 12 2006

Thank you for the updates! You guys have one of the best anime blogs out there. Keep it up!

16 12 2006

I agree! Keep up the updates 😀 if you guys weren’t here I’d be staring off at the ceiling with nothing to do missing my anime! Thanks!

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