Weekly Manga Update

19 12 2006

Well, this week’s releases started early ^^

So, here we go…

20th Century Boy Volume 22 RAW [BT]
Finally we got to see the end. silv

Ultimate Hentai Kamen v.6 c.51-60 (end) by Izumo [BT]
Christmas release including Kurozuka v8, Akumetsu ch1-17, Onikiri Jyuzo 23-26

Give it a try !

Air Gear 113 by Sleeping Forest [BT]

Biomega ch 18 RAW

Bleach ch 257 by M7

Blue Dragon ch 4 RAW
Blue Dragon 1-4 MQ by MangaBuzz

Change Guy ch 302 by KMTS

Chevalier ch 1 by Strays

Cross Epoch – Akira Toriyama X Eiichiro Oda by Kefi

Eyeshield 21 ch 215 RAW

Gantz ch 241 by EastGantZer LQ

Hajime no Ippo 757 RAW [BT]

Homunculus Volume 07 by The Hawks

Jackals ch 1 by Strays

Kumbachi no Koto (author of Yokohama Shopping Trip)

Me Teru No Kimochi Ch 15 by Square Ocean

Btw, this week’s Shonen Jump is a double issue 4-5! Next week there’ll be no Jump issue and the week after that comes 6-7, a double one, once again.
Naruto ch 336 RAW

Neon Genesis Evangelion ch 76 RAW

And here, another “muscle rider”…
Oton Vol 1 RAW

One Piece ch 439 RAW

Pluto ch 37 RAW
Pluto ch 36 by Mangascreener (great chapter !!!!)

Ryo v 6 ch 37 by ETC

Shamo Volume 17 ch 166 by Manga-Sketchbook

Tenjou Tenge ch100 RAW [BT]

Vassalord ch 1b by HM & Isop

We wish you a merry Christmas!

Your MU-Team!




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21 12 2006

Thanks for the updates MU. Gotta love having news on the good manga/anime out there.

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