Weekly Manga Update

26 12 2006

Well, this week’s manga releases are getting out of hand…
It’s CHRISTMAS time !!!
He he ^^

So here we go…

(*) Shonen Jump #6-7 was released this week after all ^^. That said, we PROBABLY won’t have any Jump publication the next two weeks but nothing is for sure… We’ll keep you posted.

21th Century Boys ch 01 RAW

Ai Kora[Love&Collage] v 4 ch 34

Air Gear v 14 ch 114 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 14 ch 115 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v 14 ch 116 by Sleeping Forest

Berserk v1-31 ch1-279 [1.8Gb]

Biomega ch 18 RAW

Black Lagoon Vol 1-6 RAW

Bleach ch 258 RAW

Blue Dragon – Ral Ω Grado ch 5 RAW

Gunnm Another Story – Bashaku Ando (One Shot) – RAW

Dragon Head ch6 4-65 by Blackout & Null & Illuminati-Manga

D.Gray-Man ch 103 RAW

Eden It’s an Endless World v 12 ch 77-83 by Illuminati & Kindan no Aku

Eyeshield 21 ch 216 RAW

Gantz ch 242 RAW

Hajime No Ippo ch 1-757 by Ignition-One

Love Letter Part II RAW

Naruto ch 337 RAW

Old Boy Vol 05-06 by Blackout & Illuminati-Manga

One Piece ch 433-434 by NULL&KEFI
One Piece ch 440 RAW

Seikon No Quasar ch 5 RAW

Unbalance x Unbalance v 4 ch 25 by KMTS

Vagabond ch 224 RAW

Wanted v 1 ch 1-5 by NULL&KEFI (currently uploading) It’s finally up!

Enjoy ^^”

~Senbonzakura, Phil~




3 responses

26 12 2006

I just wanted to thank you for all your work 😀

28 12 2006

You are welcome…
And if you want to contribute
you will be even more welcome.
He he


29 12 2006

Awesome work , id like to help but i dunno how or contribute…



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