New Year Update

3 01 2007


Your MU-Team!

21th Century Boy ch 2 RAW

Akumetsu ch 18-19 by IRU & AT

Air Gear ch 118 by Dark-Knights
Air Gear ch 117 by SF
Air Gear ch 150 RAW LQ

Ares ch 80 by KMTS

Blade of the Immortal ch 120 by Kryptonia

Bleach ch 258 by M7

Ghost in the Shell 1.5 ch 3 by Metaldave

Glaucos Volume 01 RAW

Ichi the Killer v1-10 by Z-Cult FM (complete)

Jagan ha Gachirin ni Tobu ch 4 RAW

Kumabachi No Koto Oneshot by YKK

Hajime no Ippo ch 758 by Ignition-One

Me-Teru no Kimochi ch 16 RAW

Pluto ch 37 by Manga Screener

PositioN ch 5-7 by YKK

Reset Volume 01 Complete by Eternal Blue

Shibatora ch 1 RAW
Shibatora ch 2 RAW

Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 07 by Sleeping Forest (Mirror)
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 01-14 HQ-RAW (JP)
Shin Angyo Onshi Volume 15 RAW (Korean)

TUDM Oneshot by Kotonoha

Tenjou Tenge ch 100 by Manga Translation

Vagabond 224 RAW

~silverado, Senbonzakura, Phil ~



4 responses

4 01 2007

Omfg, you guys put up Glaucos. I’ve been waiting to read this manga, and didn’t expected this pleasure anytime sone…thank you so much

5 01 2007

Yes, finally, more Shin Angyo Onshi. x3
Thanks!😀 I’ve been waiting for the 15th volume.

5 01 2007

Thanks for Shin Angyo Onshi!
Translators, keep up the good work!🙂

1 02 2007

can you re-up those shibatora links? please, if you dont mind.
and if you happen to have new ones… thanks.

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