“You can only be free, if you’ve nothing to lose.”

16 01 2007

No comment – Silverado

I’ve uploaded some torrent’s of B.Reaction! ch.15-18(end) & World Embryo ch.01-20(current), Raws of course…

[MU] World Embryo ch.01-20[Raw]

One more present…^^
Unbalance x Unbalance ch 28 by KMTS

Air Gear ch 152 RAW





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16 01 2007
Mister Phil

Putting your life at risk like that…
I mean
come on !
Is the risk worth it ?
(i mean like playing russian roulette… of course, you may feel proud and being a “big man” by doing that, but what happens if this “test of thrill and manhood” finish at the wrong end ???)

Mister Phil

Ps – by the way, I’m not sure i’m bying it
( i mean the part with just death and freshly gone…
this young man just seemed too healthy and well prepared for that)

Nota bene
This having been said, this guy should become stuntman.

16 01 2007

this story is real. no fake.

16 01 2007

he had cancer..

16 01 2007

The ICE is our fastest train, I think around 260kmh.
Anyway, If I’d know I’d to die anyway, I’d do thinks like that, too 😦

16 01 2007

i think that if fake its a very bizzare for someone to lie about cancer.
i saw this video long ago , its a very interesting form to confront such disease , but in the end the hopes of this guy maybe its live like no one , and if he passes away have no regrets of what he done.

destiny is something you cant beat , or you cant choose , but pushing the limits and in your mind the phrase = you have nothing to lose… , give you some to play on the line , and you feel more alive that anyone.

its pure chemistry.


16 01 2007

Well, I prefer to live like him, to risk all i have to reach my dream, than to do nothing and to be frustrated because of that.


16 01 2007
Mister Phil

Hey folks,

Nice to talk

Well, I don’t know about his disease… and i wish for this guy it was fake.
Meaning, I hope he is still alive !!! That is what i want to say….

I also want to thank him for the opportunity he gaves me to think about : What i’m (or not) willing to risk my life for ?

Now, my point it : It’s one thing to try my best to reach my dream… And it’s another to play with my life just for the thrill… and the show. (I’m no pro stuntman).

This having been said, it’s up to YOU, to decide where YOU want to draw the line between what is what is just a meaningless thrill… and what is worth risking YOUR LIFE for.

In other words, where do you stand ? and what are your dream ? Nobody, but YOURSELF should decide about that !!!

My only (very small) suggestion is : share a few thought about it with the people you respect and care for…

This having been said a great and happy year 2007 !!!
May your dream become reality !!!

Mr. Phil

17 01 2007

beautiful video

17 01 2007

If you could somehow obtain raws for Breaction chapters 10-14, that would be awesome. We already have 15-18 in our possession before, but we were missing 10-14 to continue. psi told me to talk to you regarding this matter, since you have helped him out prior times before with raws.



17 01 2007

damm that’s crazy, that’s all i can say

17 01 2007

bleeding said everything and more for this video rest in peace “Train Rider”

17 01 2007

good work

someone elso who can’t download the raws breaction

18 01 2007

I cannot stop watching this video over and over again.

18 01 2007

AMAZING! this was so inspirational, i’m so glad to have found it!

18 01 2007

He should have on our fastest train which runs at 380 km/h

Even though he was pretty well prepared and equipped for this kind of thing

18 01 2007

anybody know the names of those songs that was used in the video? and btw that was a very inspirational video, glad to have watched it

18 01 2007

same here, can’t dl the breaction raws…

18 01 2007

A manga about death… and life.
By Jiro Taniguchi
Hare Yuku Sora

19 01 2007

The song is Roxette – Wish I could Fly, one of my favourite songs.

Regarding the B Reaction raws, before extracting rename the files to something like 09.zip … 16.zip.

@eldo, well if we find them, we’ll let you know, besides it was Sen who found the raws.


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