New Anime Episodes

18 01 2007

Afro Samurai 3 by Goat

Bleach 111 by DB
Bleach 110 by DB end of fillers

D.Gray-man 15 by SD

Naruto 217 by DB

Pumpkin Scissors 15 (XviD)
Pumpkin Scissors 15 (h264)
Pumpkin Scissors 15 (h264 1024×576)

These are the new episodes I wanted to post…
Have fun!

~Itachi, Senbonzakura~



8 responses

19 01 2007

Thanks God the fillers are over, i am really excited about this

20 01 2007

Thx guys !!!!

Mister Phil

22 01 2007

Super excited that Bleach fillers are over too! Yeh yeh yeh! I’ve been skipping the fillers for a while.:)

22 01 2007

The manga Bleach got the worst rating it ever had on Weekly Shônen Jump magazine
And it deserve it !!!

The mangaka could either stop, take a break or add fresh blood on the story telling side.
And, that would be the bonus, definitively kill a bunch of people, in gantz style
(or even better, biomega style)

Well, at least, that’s my point of view…🙂

Mister Phil

23 01 2007

Come on phil, I can understand your point but it’s not that bad. ^^ We all used to read Naruto & Bleach.

23 01 2007

Yes, we used to read it… then we dropped it
And I did it because I felt bored
Sorry, but that’s the truth

Mister Phil

23 01 2007

G Senjou Heavens Door alias G Battlefield v01-03 will be uploaded at friday! /strongly dissapointed of ms for not scanlating it to the end.

24 01 2007

great !

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