19 01 2007


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Hi folks,

This week release :

GantZ ch 243 RAW
GantZ ch 241-242 by Illuminati & TOWNL
Gantz v20 raw

Vagabond ch224 by Strays

Air Gear ch124-126 by Sleeping forest enjoy =D
Air Gear ch123 by Sleeping forest one more ep ! 🙂

The Ravages of Time ch 70-71 by Remnant warriors

Freesia vol 1-6 by Hawks & Omanga

Battle Angel Alita Last Order Volume 09 RAW CHN
Battle Angel Alita Last Order Volume 01-08 by Rippersanime

Real ch 1-28 by Omanga

Me & The Devil Blue ch 01-10 by Manga Screener currently uploading

20th Century Boys Volume 22 English It was requested to take this off.
For those who haven’t read vol 22 yet, you can get a translation on Manga-Screener.

Shin Angyo Onshi v 8 ch 15 by Sleeping Forest

Me Teru no Kimochi ch 16 by [LONGBJS]

Olivia – The Cloudy Dreamer

Bleach ch 259 RAW

Blue Dragon ch 5 by [MangaBuzz]
Blue Dragon ch 6 RAW

Here’s a preview for Chunchu vol 15. Look forward to it!

Chunchu ch 1-11 by Faction

Concerned vol 1 Complete (HL2 Parody)

Naruto ch 338 RAW

One Piece ch 441RAW

Strong old lady ch 1 RAW by the author of ARMS 🙂
Strong old lady ch 2 RAW

ZERO ch 1-15 by KMTS

Project ARMS v15 by [m-s]

Shamo v17 c168 by Manga-Sketchbook
Shamo v17 c167 by M-S
Shamo v17 c166 by M-S
Shamo v17 c165 by M-S

Seikon no Quasar ch 5 RAW

Tenjo Tenge 101 RAW BT

~Senbonzakura, Mr. Phil, myClint~




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