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24 01 2007

Well, more to come as usual… 🙂

Abara ch 5 by Hanaji-Scans

Air Gear v15 ch 124 by Sleeping Forest
Air Gear v15 ch 125
Air Gear v15 ch 126

Ares ch 81 by KMTS (Rapid for Kanis Premium)
Ares ch 81 by KMTS (Sendspace)

Berserk ch 281 RAW

Biomega ch 19 RAW

D.Gray-Man v14 ch 104 by Rose

Eyeshield 21 ch 217 by faizuddin

The quality sucked, so I just used some filters, and now it looks way better. May be a HQ ^^ Anyways, here you go! Arkaniet
Gantz ch 243 HQ

Gunm Last Order Ep63 Raw
Gunm vol 1-8 + Last Order vol 1-8 by Ripper’s anime and crazyankan Just GREAT 🙂

Hajime no Ippo Ch759 by Ignition One

Me teru no Kimochi ch 17 RAW
Me teru no Kimochi ch 18 RAW Looking for translation ! 🙂

Unbalance x Unbalance v4 ch 28 by KMTS
Unbalance x Unbalance v4 ch 29 by KMTS

Yotsubato v7 ch 43 Dengeki !Daioh/WK1k


Well, at last Bleach The Movie – Memories of Nobody is online! It’s from a camcoder in raw form, missing the last 4 mins of the movie, but still, if you want to take a look, it’s worth it ^^

Bleach Memories of Nobody , courtesy of bleach.com.br *Don’t hotlink the files*
> You have to register an account to dl
I just found the torrent for the File, here you go!
Bleach The Movie – Memories of Nobody by Bleach7.com

~Senbonzakura, myClint, Arkaniet, Mr. Phil ~




13 responses

25 01 2007
Mister Phil

Nice job arkaniet !
liked it

Mr. Phil

Ps – May I suggest, we avoid rapidshare ?

25 01 2007

I thought I could help my Premium a little xD
I’ll upload it on the MU server tomorrow ^^

25 01 2007
Mister Phil


26 01 2007

Hm…so missing 4 minutes…missing important part of movie? Or just the ending?

26 01 2007

Eh….Sorry for this double post >.> But um…raw form…that means with subs…or no subs? Cuz raw form sounds like it means that it’s raw because it came off a camcorder and the quality isn’t too great? Just to make sure.

26 01 2007

RAW = No subs

26 01 2007

Your link to the 281 Berserk raw is the one provided by SK.net which is a bit crappy. A better scan that EG will be using can be found here:


We love RSF, wish we could get in contact with them. 😀

26 01 2007

I’m in contact with the admin of ritualscanforge.

27 01 2007

Would be nice if we could get in better contact with him about Berserk. Whatever it takes to decrease the lag between EG’s release of berserk because we love their raws a lot. 😀

27 01 2007

Oh no, are you saying that the translation for Me teru No Kimochi has stopped? Ir they’re just doing it slowly? 😦

27 01 2007

Square Oceans has dropped Me-Teru no Kimochi, but LONGBJS has decided to pick it up.


27 01 2007

Oh that’s great! But LongBJS releaseses is BT?! Hmm…shall wait & see again. 🙂

29 01 2007

I’ll get in contact with longBJS. We might convince them to host their releases on our server.

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