Weekend Update

27 01 2007

Special WEEK END update for our readers!! 🙂

Death Note Volume 13 Special RAW

G Senjou Heavens Door v3 ch 13 by Manga Screener

Air Gear ch 153 RAW

Agharta 62 by m-s

Blue Dragon ch 6 by Insaneman

Biomega ch 18 by Evil Genius

Berserk ch 281 by Evil Genius
Berserk ch 281 by CeZ

Bleach ch 260 RAW
Bleach ch 260 by M7

Blue Dragon ch 7 RAW

Chunchu Volume 01-02 RAW

Duds Hunt (Author of RESET) Volume 01 Complete by Manga Daisuki

Eden vol5 by Manga-Sketchbook

G Battlefield (alias G Senjou Heaven’s Door) Volume 01-03 RAW Complete

Hajime no Ippo ch 760 RAW

Halo Oneshot by Nihei (Biomega & Blame)

Neon Genesis Evangelion ch 77 RAW

Remote Volume 1-10 Complete by Manga Sketchbook

Rumi’s Oneshots Volume 01-03 RAW

Shamo ch 169 by Manga Sketchbook

Tsurebito ch 1 RAW
Tsurebito ch 2 RAW

Guess here’s another mu wallpaper ^^ silv




3 responses

27 01 2007

thanx for all the work foes

28 01 2007

Bleach 260 is out translated by Blinktopia

28 01 2007

Thx but you all know where to get Naruto & Bleach, so stop bugging us with obvious releases.

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