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3 02 2007

Kurau Phantom Memory 1-12 by AnimeYuki
Kurau Phantom Memory 13-24 by AnimeYuki

/msg AnY|Archive xdcc send 206-229
very fast, I got the whole Anime with 700 kbit/s ^^

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Angel Heart v21 RAW

Ai Kora v4 ch39 by Musashi-Quality

Bleach ch 261 by M7
Bleach ch 261 RAW

Chunchu Volume 01 v3 by Faction
Chunchu Volume 02 by Faction

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage ch. 14-15 by MangaTranslation

Girlfriend ch 16 by Kotonoha

Hajime no Ippo ch760 By Ignition One

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Volumes 01-07

Juushin Enbu ch 1-2 by ZOMGFTA (by the author of FMA)

NOiSE (prequel of BLAME!) by Omanga

Present Oneshot by Kotonoha

Vinland Saga V3 Ch17 by MangaScreener

~Mr. Phil, Reactive, silverado, Senbonzakura~




9 responses

4 02 2007

Oh man, Persent is a really great and sad manga 😥

5 02 2007
Mister Phil

And do we have to sponsor Bleach ?
I feel like there are already enough people doing it.

5 02 2007

sponsor? well we cant be picky with our readers, phil.


5 02 2007

it seems the hajime no ippo link you have is for 760 not 761.

5 02 2007

Sorry, I’ll deal with the “problem”.

5 02 2007
Mister Phil

ah ah ah !!!
loled a lot on this one


Ps – we still can choose what we want to add on our update, don’t we ?
But fine with me
(I know, Naruto, always was YOUR thing)

Ps 2 – For our update, the alphabetical order is a nice one, don’t you think ?

5 02 2007

The subtitles on Code Geass aren’t working.

Just a heads up.

You guys do good work. 🙂

5 02 2007
majin buu

what’s the name of that anime in that AMV? it looks interesting 😮

6 02 2007
Mister Phil

Hi Majin
It’s Kurau Phantom Memory
How are you doing ?
All the best


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