Weekly Manga Update

6 02 2007

The new week is already there. More to come… very soon.

Stay tuned !!!

AirGear v15 ch 130 by Sleeping-Forest

B.Reaction ch 1-9 by Evil_Genius

Berserk ch 282 by Evil_Genius
Berserk chap 282 RAW

Blue Dragon ch 8 by Asian-Jesus

Bleach ch 262 RAW
Bleach ch 262 by M7

D.Gray-man ch 107 by Believe Manga Scans & Hanaji-scans

Eyeshield 21 – 220th Down LQ Raw
Eyeshield 21 – 220th Down MQ by Daryl

Full Metal Alchemist ch 68 RAW

Gantz chap244 RAW [LQ]
Gantz chap244 MQ by Daryl

Hajime no Ippo ch 261 by Ignition One

Hot Milk vol 1-2 by Anime Waves

Mushishi Volume 7 ch 31-34 english

My Balls ch 1-3 by Strays

Naruto ch 341 RAW
Naruto ch 341 by Narutobuzz

Natsunokumo ch 1-12 by Manga Screener

Pluto ch 36 RAW

Shin Angyo Onshi v8 ch16b by Sleeping-Forest

Until Death Do Us Part v2 ch 10 by Bakafish

Yakitate Japan c162 by[Manga-Heaven][Minna-scan]

Zetman ch 71 by Evil_Genius

~ Mr. Phil, Reactive, Daryl, myClint, Senbonzakura ~




3 responses

6 02 2007

Hi Phil,

there were two posting errors:
1st image width has to be 400 px
2nd you forgot to mention the scanlation group of HnI


6 02 2007
Mister Phil

I liked this HUGE monster !!!


9 02 2007

oh shit, WB Evil_Genius, i missed Zetman ; ;

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