Weekend Update

10 02 2007

Vampire Juuji Kai Volume 1-3 by TJO

21th Century Boys ch 4 RAW THX to Oruga XXX

Full Metal Panic Sigma Volume 01-03 RAW Here is another MU release, enjoy it! silv

Shin Angyo Onshi v8 ch 16b by Sleeping-Forest

Pluto ch 39 RAW

What a Wonderful World ch 1-3 by Kotonoha

~ Reactive, Senbonzakura, silv ~




One response

11 02 2007

That’s why I love this website. Every time I’m on it, I find a new manga. Thanks for introducing me to “Vampire Juuji Kai”, “What A Wonderful World”, “Hot Milk”, “Eden”, and so on. It’s a pleasure to work with you guys. 🙂

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