Cleaner & Typesetter needed!

12 02 2007

Hi guys, here are the news!

We have picked XS-Hybrid up and are currently looking for new members for a scanlation group. Read some Scanlation Tutorials and help us to scanlate this awesome manhwa!

    Experiences in Photoshop are required!

What we need are

– 3 Cleaners & 1 Typesetter.

Contact us:


or leave a comment with your email (wont be released), ICQ or MSN!


(*)Edit An available cleaning test can be found here. Send the results at the email adress provided above. [It’s a test, therefore for testing purposes ^^. You don’t have to complete it whole to send it. Do your best and send it!]

silverado, Senbonzakura




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12 02 2007

Hey I’d be willing to do the type-setting. References are in some older news or at 🙂

12 02 2007

Man this manga rocks!! i hope you’ll find those guys real fast!! my friend have the 2 first volumes of this and it’s crazy! really good

12 02 2007

join me on msn
i might be interested in cleaning
for further details contact me

anyway, i’d just like to congratulate you for the effort you put together to run this site. i often visit it and found a lot of interesting mangas and manwhas
thank you

12 02 2007

Do you have a test for cleaner ? I’m not sure about my skill, I’m only drawing and editing real people’s pics , never clean something before. The Tutorials only help a little if you’re going to clean a crapy raw.

12 02 2007

I’d like to help too
I’m getting along pretty well with Photoshop and I think that I could clean too.
But like Foggyflute said, I’d like to have a test or something, if that doesn’t bother too much.

13 02 2007

I also feel the same. I may be able to clean for you. However, I also would like a test of some sort.

13 02 2007

I sent u an email already, but my group A-J Scans can do a joint with your group, read the email for more info

13 02 2007

I’ve tested myself with test exam by Strays, Some of this are easy, another are hard, it take me a lot of times : around 12 hour (I’m drop it when done 30%) for the most crappy page with too much noise and background is black with dark gray character.
Work from the start more interest than join after, even I love their Vagbond so much ^^

14 02 2007

The cleaners in my group are all pretty experienced, we can do all required things, grays, blacks, borders, resizing, etc.

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