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15 02 2007

Ok it seems that we’ve found some typesetters & cleaners.
You can still join us as cleaner and editer.
Contact Sen or Yal in:

From Monday-Friday the server will be (regularly) in TR-mode and several series will be inaccessable.

These series will stay available during the TR-mode:
Ares, Blue Dragon, Natsunokumo, Oneshots, Pluto, Recent, Shin Angyo Onshi,
Unbalance x Unbalance, Vampire Juuji Kai, What A Wonderful World, Zetman and Homonculus.
The whole series archive will be available from Friday evening to Sunday though. So stay tuned. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Glaucos ch 2 by Nibo

Tenjou Tenge ch 101 by MangaTranslation

21th Century ch 05 RAW

Air Gear vol 15 ch 131 by Sleeping Forest

Bleach 190-191 Colored by IsaneBlue Dragon ch 9 by Asian-Jesus Scans

Glaucos v01ch01 by Nibo

Doll Gun vol 1 ch 01v2 by KMTS A new project by KMTS. You can check more info by clicking here

Homonculus Vol1 to Vol7 by[Hawks_MS] Anyone who like reading seinen HAS to give this one a shot!

Hajime No Ippo ch 762 by Ignition-one

Naruto 340 by JapFlap

Real v5 ch 29 by Omanga & Hawks
Real v5 ch 30 by Omanga & Hawks

Shamo v17c170 by Manga Sketchbook many thx to Kingfish of
Shamo v17c171 by Manga Sketchbook]

Unbalance X Unbalance v 4 ch 31 by KMTS


~Senbonzakura, silverado, Mr Phil, Reactive ~




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12 02 2007
Mister Phil

on the screen,
on MU
That’s a first timer…

13 02 2007

Not exactly, i used to post it long ago when i started mu heh. Some authors read this series, so I dont mind it if they post what they like to read.


13 02 2007
Mister Phil

Hi Silver

As a said, it’s not a problem as such.
It’s just what/who MU want to be…

Myself, for example, i’m more interested in :
– less stuff… but better quality.
– seinem
– reflexion upon a manga, before promoting it
– data about the authors
(naming the manga AND the mangaka, like on Ritual Scan forge forum for example; and why not, introducing a MU page about the authors (not our team), giving links to wikipedia/interviews, because they are the REAL AUTHORS, we are just promoting their work…)
– access to older/previous manga from a mangaka
(when possible)
– discussing about what we feel is better stuff.
And how/why we feel it’s quality…

But I also like very much this proactivity
And service oriented spirit in the new MU.
It’s full of energy, passion.
I really like it.

So it’s just a matter of choice.
Do we want more stuff/more audience,
And are we less sharing about content/mangaka and quality stuff ?
Or not ?

As I already said, those are just different option.
And it’s you who started the project,
So in the end, you have to decide.

And, hey, fine with me.

Mr Phil

Ps – I’m gathering older RAW from Taniguchi, with the help from Ritual Scan Forge

14 02 2007

Damn you arkaniet, rapidshare again ^^? You can upload whole volumes or anime on rapidshare, but plz not single chaps.

@phil, balance my friend, you’ll have to find the balance between your taste and the taste of your readers. I know that it can be annoying seeing naruto and bleach on mu, but that’s not the point. The more readers visit our site, the easier it will be to provide them quality stuff. I strongly believe that our choice of quality manga will still reach the readers. That why I think it’s a good idea to serve both, main stream and non-main stream series. Though the server will still serve quality stuff only. We couldn’t handle the main stream series, even if we wanted to. heh. So enjoy your stay and grap your Taniguchi raws, we can help relasing the raws, after you’ve collected them all.

ahhh, yeah, you can add a page with Authors including wiki links and images. It’s free to you 🙂 Just go to admin/manga/add page set page number 3, that’s it.


16 02 2007

Silv it is a WHOLE volume, that’s why I uploaded it on rapidshare (and for my account Muahhahaha)

16 02 2007
Mister Phil

Dear Arkaniet,

Issue is :
For the sake of rapidshare and this lovely account…
many people wait in front of their computer…
Or cannot download your file
Just because they got another file
from another account holder.
So please, think to others…
Be free of this fucking marketing strategy
And drop the shitty Rapidfuckingnoshare business
You will do us a favor
And earn our neverlasting recognition
(well, at least for the time being)

Thanks a lot

Mr Phil

16 02 2007

Honestly, I think I prefer when you guys post more series than less. (Even if it’s Naruto!)

Of course like Mister Phil pointed out, better have less stuff with more quality than posting crappy manga!


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